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Statement from China Gospel Fellowship        中文

Good news!

Concerning the kidnap of 34 China Gospel Fellowship coworkers by the Eastern Lightning Cult on April 16, we want to express our thankfulness to God here, that with His sustaining, with many overseas brothers and sisters' fervent prayers and intercessions in tears before God, and also with the interference of the police, all of the kidnapped coworkers have been gradually released. However, a few of them are not doing well physically because of the drugs given to them. Please pray for them.

All returned coworkers know deeply that they have been through a spiritual battle. Although they were tempted, enticed and threatened in every way, they have been able to hold fast to their faith in the Lord, to overcome the temptations and enticements by faith, and to refuse the heresies of the female Christ. Consequently, the EL conspiracy to undermine and destroy the church has ended in utter failure.

In spite of such an attack on us, the church as a whole has not suffered any loss, with God's sustaining and the work of all coworkers. Our various ministries have maintained their proper courses. Please keep on praying for us. For more detailed reports concerning the April 16 event, please continue to watch this web site.

We hereby extend our deeply cherished appreciation to all fellow believers who are concerned for us in and out of China on behalf of all of our coworkers and the families of the kidnapped. We ascribe all glory to our triune and true God. Amen!

China Gospel Fellowship
June 19, 2002


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