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Eastern Lightning Writings:

About Lightning from the East

Although there are so many people who believe in God, not so many people know what is believing in God and how on earth to do can suit God's will. The reason is that people know the word "God" and know the words "God's work" but they don't know God or God's work. No wonder all the people who don't know God are all foolish believers. People are not careful with believing in God because this is strange to them. So people are far away from God's demands. That is to say, people don't know God or know God's work and they can not be qualified to be used or satisfy God's will. "Believing in God" is to believe there is a god, this is the simplest conception. To say further, "believing in a god" is not really "believing in God" but a simple belief with strong religious coloring. The real "believing in God" is that people experience God's words and work on the base of believing that God is the master of all creatures and their bad character can be put off and satisfy God's will and know God. But people always regard believing in God as simple and superficial. So believers lose the meaning of believing in God. And at last God can't praise you because your way is not right. Those who still believe in the dead words and the empty theory still can't know they don't have the essence of believing in God and they never can gain God's praise. They still pray that God protects them peacefully and they can gain more grace. Let us calm down and think it over. Is that to believe in God the simplest thing? Is the meaning of believing in God limited to get grace? Can those who don't know God or say against God satisfy God's will?

"God" and "man" can't be mentioned in the same breath. His essence and work are both unsearchable and puzzling. If God doesn't work or speak among people by himself and there's no way for people to know God's will. So even if those who devote the whole life to God can't gain God's praise. If God doesn't work, it'll be worthless even if people work hard because God's thoughts are higher than people's thoughts and God's wisdom can't be measured. So I say those who can see through God and his work are all incompetent and arrogant. People shouldn't determine God's work. What's more, people CANNOT determine God's work. People are not as big as ants in God's eyes. How can they see through God's work? Aren't those who say "God won't do this or do that" and "God is like this or that" arrogant? We should know people who live in the flesh are all corrupted by Satan and their nature is to against God. They can't be the same high as God and can't plan for God. How on earth God enlightens and leads people is God's business. People should obey and shouldn't have these or those ideas because people are only dust. Since you intend to seek for God, you shouldn't put your conception in God's work to let God consult. You shouldn't deliberately rebel against God's work with your corrupted nature. Aren't you anti-Christ? How can such people talk about believing in God? Since we believe in God and want to satisfy God's will and want to see God we should seek the path of the truth and the path to be compatible with God and we shouldn't say against God with stiff neck. What will you get if you do so?

Now God has done new work. Maybe you can't accept the fact or feel strange but I still persuade you shouldn't expose your natural character because only those who really hunger and thirst for the truth and the righteousness and only those who are devout can get God's enlightening and leading. You can't get the truth with quarrelling and you must calm down and can get it. What I say "now God has done new work'' is referred to God in the flesh again. Perhaps you don't mind these words or feel disgusting or are interested in them. Anyhow, I still hope all the people who hunger and thirst for the righteousness can confront with the fact and check out it with care. You'd better not draw a conclusion with ease and this is what wise people should do.

It's not difficult to check out the matter. It needs us to know such truth first: since he is God in the flesh and he must have God's essence and have God's statements. Since God comes in the flesh, he will bring the new work and will state God's temperament and bring the truth and the life and the path. If the flesh doesn't have God's essence then he is definitely not God in the flesh. This is not doubtful. People should decide whether or not he is the God in the flesh according to his temperament and words he states. That is to say, if you want to know whether or not he is the God in the flesh or the truth you should recognize him from his essence. So the important thing is his essence (work, words, temperament and etc. more sides), not his appearance. If people ignore his essence because of checking out his appearance, then this is people's ignorance. The appearance can't decide the essence and God's work doesn't suit people's conception. Doesn't Jesus' appearance suit people's conception? Can his appearance and dressing prove his real position? Did the Pharisees say against Jesus at that time because they only saw Jesus' appearance but didn't accept Jesus' words carefully? I hope every sister or brother who is eager to wait for God to appear won't repeat the historic tragedy or act as Pharisees to crucify God again. You should think it over how you welcome God's coming again. You should clear up your brains that how you obey the truth. This is the duty of those who wait for Jesus' coming back with white clouds. We should remove the scales from our spiritual eyes and not soak into the vague words. We should think about God's work now and see God's practical side. Don't be swollen-headed always. We shouldn't be always drifting leisurely and wish that Jesus would descend among you with some white cloud in the sky and come to lift you up who never know him or see him or know how to obey his will. Let us think about the reality.

When you turn over this book. Maybe you intent to study, maybe you want to accept it. Whatever attitude you have, I hope you can finish reading this book. Don't give it up with ease. Perhaps when you finish reading it, you will change your attitude and it's all decided by your intention and your understanding. But you should know this point: God's words can't be said to be man's words. Man's words can't be said to be God's words. The man who the Spirit uses is not God in the flesh. The God in the flesh is not the man the Spirit uses. There's difference between them in essence. Maybe after you read these words, you won't admit they're God's words and only admit they are the illumination that people gain from the Spirit. Then you are so ignorant. How can God's words be the same as people's illumination? The words from God in the flesh start the new era and guide the world. They open the mystery and bestow people the direction of the way in the new era. People's illumination is only some simple practice or understanding. They can't lead people to enter the new age. They can't open God's own secrets. God is God and man is man. God has God's essence and man has man's essence. If people regard God's words as simple spiritual illumination but regard the prophets' words as God's words and then it's people's fault. Anyhow, you shouldn't confound right and wrong. You shouldn't tell the high as the low or the deep as the simple. Anyhow, you shouldn't deliberately refute it as you know plainly it is the truth. As a believer, you should check out the problem at the right position and standing at the position of a creature to receive God's new work and new words. Otherwise, God will forsake you.

Jesus came in the flesh to work among people after Jehovah's work. His work was based on Jehovah's work and it's not the whole part but one part. It's a new wave after God finished the wave in the last era. The same, God still continues his work in next age after Jesus' work for God's management develops forth all the time. The old age passes and the new age will take place. The new work will continue God's managed plan after the old work finishes. God becomes the flesh this time and it is the second time after Jesus' work. Of course word in flesh this time is not separated from the last time, either, but it is the third step of the work after the Law Era and the Grace Era. God always has a new start when he develops every step of his work and always brings a new era. And God's temperament, work style, the work place and his name will change with the work step. No wonder it's difficult for people to accept God's work in the new era. However people rebel God, he's still doing his work and leading the world to go forth. Jesus came to the world to finish the Law Era and bring the Grace Era. In the end, God came in the flesh again and brought the Kingdom Era and finished the Grace Era. All those who receive God in the flesh again can be taken to the Kingdom Era and receive God's guide. Jesus came to the world to do a lot of work. But he only finished the work of the salvation as a sacrifice and he didn't sweep away people's corrupted nature at all. In order to save people out of Satan's control completely, God not only bears people's sins as Jesus as a sacrifice but also does greater work to sweep away people's corruption. So after people's sins are forgiven, God comes back in the flesh to lead people to enter the new era and starts the judgement. These words bring people to the higher state. All those who obey him will enjoy higher truth and greater blessings. They really live in the light and gain the truth, the path and the life.

If people still stay in the Grace Era, they can never put off their corrupted character or know God's original temperament. If you always live in the rich grace but you don't have the path of life to make you know and satisfy God then people can't really have God. Such belief is so wretched. After you read this book and experience every step of the work in the Kingdom Era, you'll feel that your will for many years is accomplished at last and only now you see God face to face, see God's face, hear his voice and appreciate God's wisdom in his work. You really feel that God is so practical and so almighty. You'll feel you get many things that the ancestor couldn't see or get. This time you'll know clearly what on earth is to believe in God and what can suit God's will. Of course if you still keep your points before and refuse God in the flesh again then you can only gain nothing and at last have a charge of rebellion. Those who obey the truth and God's work will be under the name of God in the flesh again--the Almighty. They will receive God's own guide and get more and higher truth and the real life and see what he prophesied that the ancestor never saw: I turned round to see the voice that was speaking to me. And when I turned I saw seven golden lampstands, and among the lampstands was someone "like a son of man", dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash round his chest. His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire. His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters. In his right hand he held seven stars, and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance (Rev.1: 12-16). This prophecy is the statement of God's whole temperament. This is just the statement that God in the flesh works this time. In the judgement, the son of man states his original temperament with speaking and let all those who accept his judgement see the real appearance of the son of man. This appearance is just the real portrayal of the appearance of he son of man that John saw (of course, those who don't accept the work in the Kingdom Era can't see at all). God's real appearance can't be described well by mankind's language. So God states his temperament to show his appearance. That is to say, all those who can understand the original temperament of the son of man will see his original appearance because God is so great that people can't describe him with their language.

When people experience every step of God's work in the Kingdom Era, you'll know the real meaning that John said about the son of man among the lampstands "His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire. His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters. In his right hand he held seven stars, and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance." At that time you'll completely decide that the common flesh who says so many words is really God in the flesh again and you'll really feel that you'll be blessed too much and feel you are the luckiest man. Are you willing to receive the blessing?

The first part of this book is what the Spirit says to the churches. This part is the bridge from the Grace Era to the Kingdom Era and also that the Spirit testified the son of man to the churches openly. These words fulfilled the words in the revelation, "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." This is the start of God's work in the Kingdom Era. The second part is the voice of the son of man after appearing. This part includes the prophecy, revealing the mystery, the path of life and etc. several kinds of the word of God. The contents are rich and colorful. Some are the prophecy of the future of the kingdom. Some words open the mystery of the managed plan. Some words dissect people's nature. Some words persuade and comfort you, some warn you, some are serious judge and some are earnest and sincere comfort. Some talk about the life and some about the practice and etc. Anyway, all God's temperament is stated in his work and words. Of course, God comes in the flesh this time to work to state his temperament with his judgement mainly. On the base, he brings more truth and guides more practice so as to accomplish the purpose of conquering and saving people and sweeping away people's corruption. This is the inside story of God's work in the kingdom era. Do you want to enter the new era? Do you want to take off your corrupted nature? Do you want to gain higher truth? Do you want to see the original appearance of the son of man? Do you want to have a valuable life? Do you want to be made perfect? Then how will you welcome Jesus' return?

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