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Eastern Lightning Writings:

When you see Jesus' body appears, it's already the time when God changed the heaven and the earth

Are you willing to see Jesus? Are you willing to live with Jesus? Are you willing to hear Jesus' words? Then how will you welcome Jesus' coming again? Are you ready? In what way will you welcome Jesus? I think every sister or brother who follows Jesus is willing to welcome him in a good way, but do you think you will know him when Jesus comes? Will you really understand his words? Will you really accept all he does without conditions? Everyone who read the bible knows that Jesus will come, and they are waiting for his coming with heart and soul. You all fix on your eyes on that very time! Your sincere heart can be flaunted, your faith is worthy admiring on earth but do you find that you all make a big mistake? In what way will Jesus come again? You think he will come with white cloud but I ask you: What does white cloud mean? You who follow Jesus are all waiting for Jesus' coming, then which ones on earth will Jesus descend among? If Jesus will descend among you first, so isn't it so unfair to others? I know you are very sincere and very loyal, but did you see Jesus' appearance? Did you know his character? Did you get along with him? How much do you know him? Some will say what I said is embarrassing," I read the bible from the beginning to the end several times, and can't I know Jesus? Not say his character even his clothes I know what color of it. You say I don't know Jesus, don't you look down upon me?" You'd better not quarrel about those questions. Let's calm down to talk about such questions. First, do you know what is practice and what is theory? Second, do you know what's the conception and what is the truth? Third, do you know what is imagination and what is the fact?

Some people disagree that they don't know Jesus, but I say in fact you don't know Jesus at all and may say you don't know any word Jesus said, because any of you follow Jesus from the record of the bible or from what others said. You never see Jesus, and you don't live with Jesus even for a little time. Aren't those things theoretical? Don't they have no practice? Maybe some have ever seen Jesus' picture, maybe some have visited the room where Jesus lived, maybe some have ever touched the clothes Jesus wore, but what you know Jesus is not practical but theoretical, even you never taste the meal Jesus had ever eaten. Anyway, you never saw Jesus, and you never get along with his flesh, so what you know is empty and without practice. Maybe you are not interested in what I said, so I ask you, do you know the writer you respect well enough after you read his articles and before you get along with him? Do you know his character? Do you know his life style? Do you know his happiness, his anger, his grief and his joy? Even the person you respect most you can't know him completely, to say nothing of Jesus Christ! What you know him is full of imagination and full of conception. It's not the truth or the fact but with fishy smell and full of carnal smell. Is such understanding qualified to welcome Jesus' coming? Jesus won't see him who is full of imagination and full of carnal ideas. Is he who doesn't know Jesus qualified to be Jesus' believers?

Do you want to know the reason why Pharisees said against Jesus? Do you want to know Pharisees' nature? They were full of imagination to Messiah and they only believed that Messiah would come but not seek for the truth, so they were still waiting for Messiah till today because they didn't know the path of life or the truth. They are so foolish and stubborn. Do you think they can get God's blessings? Could they see Messiah? They said against Jesus because they didn't know the tendency of Spirit's work and they didn't know the truth from Jesus' mouth and they didn't know Messiah. Just because they never saw Messiah and never got along with him, they made a mistake that they kept Messiah's empty name but said against by hook or by crook. Those Pharisees' nature is that they are stubborn, arrogant and they did not obey the truth. The principle they believe in God is: whatever you talk is high, whoever your right is high only if you are not called Messiah then you are not Christ. Isn't such an idea absurd? Isn't it erroneous? I ask you again, you don't know Jesus, so isn't it easy for you to follow Pharisees' error again? Can you identify what is the truth? Are you sure you won't say against Christ? Can you follow the Spirit's leading? If you don't know whether you can say against Christ or not, then I say you've already lived in the edge of death. He who didn't know Messiah could say against Jesus, abandon Jesus and slander Jesus then he who doesn't know Jesus will also do such things, and will regard Jesus' coming again as Satan's deception. More and more people will declare Jesus who comes in the flesh again as guilty. Aren't you afraid? What you confront with is to blaspheme the Spirit; tear the words the Spirit spoke to the churches and spurn the word from Jesus. What can you get if you are so faint? How can you understand the work Jesus did in the flesh again with clouds if you persist in pursuing wrong way? I tell you, those who don't accept the truth but wait for Jesus to come with clouds all the time are definitely those who blaspheme the Spirit and they are definitely the broods that will perish. You only want to get the grace from Jesus and only want to enjoy the heavenly blessings, but never obey Jesus' words, never accept the truth Jesus states in the flesh again. What do you take to exchange the fact that Jesus comes back with clouds? Is it your sincerity that you committed sins and admitted it with mouth? What will you take to devote Jesus who will come with clouds as sacrifices? Is the qualification that you work many years holding yourselves high? What will you take to make Jesus who will come again trust you? Is the arrogant nature that you don't obey the truth?

Your sincerity is outside your mouth. Your understanding is among your thoughts and ideas and your busy work is for heavenly blessings and what about your faith? Till now you still pay no attention to the truth. You don't know what is God, what is Christ, how to respect the Lord and how to enter the Spirit's work. You don't know how to identify God's words from others' confusion but only know to declare any truth from God that doesn't satisfy you as guilty. Where's your modest? Where's your obedience? Where's your sincerity? Where's your attitude for seeking the truth? Where's your respect to God? I tell you, those who believing in God from the miracles are definitely the dead broods. Those who can't understand the words from Jesus who came in the flesh again are the sons in the hell, the inheritance of archangel and definitely the broods of death forever. Maybe many people don't pay attention to what I said, but I'll tell every so-called believers following Jesus, when you see with your eyes that Jesus comes with the clouds in the sky, it's already the time when the sun of righteousness appears openly. On that day perhaps you are over excited, but do you know when you see Jesus' coming from the sky, it's already the time for you to be punished into the hell for it's the end of God's project for saving people. It's the time for God to reward the good and punish the evil because God's judgement has already ended in speaking out the truth when people have never seen miracles. Those who are cleansed accepting the truth not requiring miracles return to God's throne and return to the Creator's arms. Only those who insist that the "Jesus" who doesn't come with clouds is false Christ will get everlasting punishment because they only believe in the "Jesus" who can perform miracles, not accept the "Jesus" who can speak out severe judgment and send the path of life. So when Jesus comes with white clouds openly, he will punish them. They are so stubborn, so self-confident and so arrogant. How can such scum get the rewards from Jesus? Jesus' coming again is a big save for those who accept the truth, but it's the sign of being regarded guilty for those who don't accept the truth. You should choose your own way. Don't blaspheme Spirit or refuse the truth. Don't be an arrogant person. You should obey Spirit's guide and hunger and thirst for the truth. It's good for you to do so. I suggest you should be careful in the way of believing in God. Don't make a conclusion at will. Don't believe in God carelessly. You must know what believers should have are modest and respect. Those who despise the truth are the ones who are foolish. Those who make a conclusion at will or regard it as false after hearing the truth are the ones who are arrogant, As a Christian, no one has a right to curse or regard others as false, you should be a person who has senses to accept the truth. Perhaps after you hear the truth and read the words of life, you think there's only one ten thousandth of these words can conform with your heart and the bible, then you may seek for it continually in the one ten thousandth. I also suggest that you should be a modest person. Don't be so confident. Don't be so self-important. If you only respect God a little, you'll get a great light. If you check carefully and try to figure out, you'll know every word on earth is whether the truth and life or not. Perhaps some people regard it as false without thinking after reading few words and say, "These are only some spiritual light.” Or say, "This is the false Christ's coming to confuse people.”Those people who can say out these words are simply ignorant! You know so little of God's words and God's wisdom. I persuade you to start again. You shouldn't blindly regard God's words as false only because there'll be false Christ appearing at the end of age. Don't be a person who blasphemes Spirit because you're afraid of being confused. If so, isn't it a pity? If you check it out carefully, you still think those words are not the truth or the path and not from God, then you'll be the one who will be punished at last. You are a person who has no blessings. These words are explained perfectly clear but you can't accept it. Then aren't you incapable to be saved by God? Don't you have no blessings to return to God's throne? Think it over! Don't be so hasty! Don't be so crude and rash! Don't regard believing in God as trifling matter. You should think about your permanent home, your future and your life. Don't play with yourself. Can you accept all the words?

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