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Eastern Lightning Writings:

Many are called but less are chosen

In the world I looked for a lot of people to follow me. Among them some are priests, some are leaders, some are sons, some are people, and some are servants. I identify them according to their sincerity. When all the people are identified, that is, when everybody’s nature is exposed, I’ll classify every kind of people to the classification that they belong to and put them to the suitable position so that my purpose of saving people will be accomplished. I call on the people whom I save to my home in turn and then let them experience my last work. At the same time I classify the people according to what they do to reward or punish them. This is my work step.

Now I live on the earth, among the people everyone is experiencing my work and reading my words. I bestow all the truth to every follower and let him get the life from me so that they can get the path of life for I’m God who can bestow life. Among many years when I worked, people get a lot and abandon a lot. And I still say people don’t really believe in me because people only admit I’m God with their mouths. But they don’t agree the truth from my mouth or practice the truth I require, that is, people only admit there’s God but don’t admit there’s the life; only admit God’s name but don’t admit God’s nature. I hate people because of their warm hearts because people only say beautiful words to cheat me but nobody worships me with real heart. In your words there’s viper’s confusion. Your words are so arrogant. It’s simply archangel’s “statement”. Your action is even worse. Your luxurious desire and covetous intention even are intolerable to the ear. You all become the worms in my home and the ones I hate for you do not love the truth but like to be blessed and to go to heaven and like to see the grand occasion when Christ exercises control on the earth. Do you ever think it over that you are so ruined that you are not qualified to follow Christ? How can you go to heaven? How can you be qualified to see such a grand occasion? In your mouth there’re full of words that cheat me, full of dirty words, full of words against me and arrogant words. You never talk to me with your sincere words or holy words. How about your words without experiencing my words to obey me? In your heart there’s full of desire and money and your head is full of materials. You calculate every day what you can get from me and how much money and materials you can get. You are wanting for more blessings to descend on you one day so that you can enjoy more and higher enjoyment. Whom you think of every minute is not me, not the truth form me but your husband (wife), you children, your food and clothing. What you think of is how to enjoy better and higher. Aren’t you a corpse even through you fill your stomach? Aren’t you still a walking corpse without life even though you are gorgeously dressed or richly ornamented? You work so hard for your stomach so that your hair becomes gray but no one devotes a piece of slight hair for my work. You work so hard for your body and your children and make any efforts but nobody worries about my will. What do you want to get from me?

I do my work without hurry. However people follow me, I still do my work according to my step and my plan. Therefore although you disobey me, I’m still doing my work and saying what I want to say. I call all the people who have already been chosen to my home to listen to me and then lead all the people who obey and thirst for my words to my throne. And I put those aside who don’t obey my words or listen to me or say against me openly to wait for the last punishment.

People live in the corruption and live under the devil, so among people who follow me, not so many thirst for the truth, that is, most of them don’t really worship me, don’t worship me with the truth, but with corruption, disobedience and cheat to gain my trust. So I say “many are called but less are chosen”. People who are called are all ruined and all live at the same age, but people who are chosen are only part of people who can practice the truth. Such people are only a small group. I’ll get more glory among these people. According to these words, do you know you are the one who is chosen? What will your result be?

I’ve already said that there are so many people who follow me but not so many people love me with their hearts. Maybe some will say, “if I don’t love you, can I pay such a high price? If I don’t love you, can I follow you till mow?” True, you have so many excuses and you have so much love. But what’s the essence you love me? So called “love” is the pure feeling, love with heart, feel and consider with heart, there’s no condition in love, no gap, no distance, there’s no suspicion, no cheat, no tricks; there’s no disobedience or any mix in love. If you have love, you won’t cheat or complain or betray or disobey or extort, you won’t ask for anything or how much. If you have love, you’ll devote yourself willingly and gladly and you’ll suffer hardship willingly. You’ll abandon all of your things, your family, your future, your youth and your marriage. Otherwise your love is not love but cheat and betrayal! What kind of love do you have? Real love or False love? How much did you devote? How much do I get your love? Do you know? Your heart is full of evilness, betrayal and cheat, so how much mix is there in your love? You think you’ve already devoted a lot for me and you’ve already given me your love a lot. But why is there disobedience and cheat in your words and actions? You follow me but you don’t admit my words, is this called love? You follow me but you refuse me, is this called love? You follow me but you don’t trust me, is this love? You follow me but you can’t tolerate my existence, is this love? You follow me but you don’t treat me according to my position and embarrass me everywhere, is this love? You follow me but you fool me and deceive me, is this love? You serve me but you are not afraid of me, is this love? You say against me in everything and everywhere, is this love? Your devotion is very much but your never practice what I require you, is this love? Calculate carefully and you’ll find there’s no love for me from you. How many things did you get through so many years work and so much word provision? Isn’t it worth for you to think it over? I persuade you: Those who I called are not the ones who are not ruined, but those who I chose are the ones who love me with hearts. So you should warn yourselves with your ruined words and actions and examine your heart and ideas that are not out of the correct way at the last time. You must try your best to devote your love to me. Otherwise my fury will never forsake you.

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