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Eastern Lightning Writings:

"Messiah" riding "white cloud" has returned

Mankind has been anxious to see the Messiah's advent, eager for several thousand years to see Messiah Jesus riding white cloud to descend among the crowd of mankind. People all wish Messiah could return and reunite with man. It means since the Messiah being apart from mankind for several thousand years, certainly people all wish Savior Jesus would return to Jewish; he shall pity and love them and to forgive and to bear sins and mistakes for mankind, AND to save man from sins. People expect Messiah Jesus NOT ONLY remains as a loving, accessible and respectfu1 Savior, BUT ALSO he's never angry or blaming at people. He is forgivable and willing to bear all man's sins, even to be crucified for mankind.

Since Jesus left, all of his followers and Christian followers, saved by Him or by his name, miss him and expect him. The people, ever saved by Jesus at the period of saving era, all expect Messiah Jesus could ride white cloud and descend among mankind AND present him to million people in a special happy day. Of course, this also is the wish of today's people, whoever have accepted Jesus Messiah's name. The people in the world whoever know Jesus Messiah savior all are "longer extremely" for Jesus Christ's sudden advent, in order to "experience" Jesus' words, he said it when was alive: "I shall come back the same way as I left." People assume that Jesus would ride white cloud and return the Highest's right side. They also expect that Jesus would still present himself with Jewish's image, Jewish's garment, riding the same white cloud, (the said white cloud was the same one Jesus rode to the heaven,) and descending into mankind's crowd. After presentation, he could grant them food and live among people with grace and benevolence, alive and full of actions, etc., etc. They thought it was supposed to be that way. BUT Messiah did not do so. It was just contrary to the man side. He neither descended among the people who are anxious for his return to them, nor rode "white cloud" to present him to million people. Actually he has already descended, but man neither recognizes him nor knows it. Men are only waiting for him purposelessly. They did NOT know that he has ridden white cloud (the white cloud means his soul, his words, all of his nature and as the whole of himself) AND has descended among the saved group.

People understand that the sacred Messiah Jesus will not work for the dirty ghosts in a dirty "sanctuary." He is the one full of grace and love in his heart. Although people are waiting for his advent, how can he present to those people who eat unjustified person's meat, drink unjustified person's blood and dress unjust person's clothes? Nor to those people who believe in him, without knowing him, but extort him.

People only know that Messiah Jesus is full of grace and pity. He's sacrificed to save people and forgave their sins. People may not know he bears justice, flaming anger himself, with trial authority and dignity. Therefore, even though people are eagerly expecting for the Savior's return and their prayers touch the "heaven," the Messiah Jesus would not present to the people who believe in him but not know him well.

I named myself as "Jehovah" when I worked at Israel. It meant the God of Israeli who was the selected people of the God. This name may sympathy on people, curse on people and lead Israeli to live on. The God was mighty and wise.

The "Jesus" was "Emanuel." originally. It meant it was full of grace, pity and atonement sacrifice. Whatever he worked during the Grace Era represented for Grace Era only. That was partial work of the whole manage plan.

It meant Jehovah was the sole God not only for the selected Israeli, for Abraham, Jacob, Isaac and Moses, but also for all Israeli citizens. Therefore, every Israeli expected Jewish to offer sacrifice to Him on the altar, wearing priest rope to serve Jehovah in sanctuary. Any way, they were expecting Jehovah's return.

Only Jehovah is human being's Messiah. He sacrificed himself to save human being from sins. It means the name of Jesus was from the Grace Era, because he had worked for atonement and soul saving from human beings during the Grace Era. The name of Jesus was for the people to revive in the Grace Era. To name so was to save all human beings. Therefore, the certain name "Jesus" represented not only for the work on atonement and soul saving, it also for the Grace Era. "Jesus" was named particularly for the Israeli in accordance with laws. My name always represents something in a certain era and for a certain work, it is not baseless. It means that a respective name represents a certain era. "Jehovah" represents for the Law Era, a respectful name called by Israeli to their admirable God. "Jesus" represents the Grace Era, belonging to the Grace Era, who is the God having atoned and saved people, If people should expect Messiah Jesus to descend with the same image as that in Israel. It would still stay at the Grace Era and be unable to move forward. If so, neither the doomsday would come, nor the era ever ended. Because "Jesus Messiah" was only named to atone and save human beings. I named "Jesus" only for all sinners in the Grace Era, not to doom all human beings. Although Jehovah, Jesus, Messiah all represent for my soul, those names merely represented for different eras in my whole managed plan. It did not represent the whole thing. The local people called my name, but could not understand well about my nature and all about me. They only named me with different names in different eras. Therefore, my name shall be changed into Almighty God in the last era, no more called as Jehovah, neither Jesus and nor Messiah. I shall call myself Almighty God with mighty power. This name is used to finish the whole era. I was called as Jehovah or Messiah. People admired me and called me Messiah Jesus. Today, I am no more as Jehovah or Jesus known to mankind. I am the God returning at the doomsday to finish the era, bearing all of my nature and rising from the earth with power, nobility and honor. Human beings have never contacted me yet, nor knowing me. No one has ever met me since the world created. I am the one who would like to present at the doomsday. I have actually lived among people already, just like a burning sun, flaming fire, full of power and authority. Every one and every object shall be under trial by my words. Every one and object be clarified by flaming fire. Eventually, All country people shall be granted with happiness by my words, or smashed into ashes by my words. Let all people see Messiah's return--- that is me. I am the almighty God who shall conquer mankind. Let people watch the atonement ceremony that I held before. I shall become not only the fire of burning sun to burn all objects again but also the sun to shine on every justice --this is my job at the doomsday. Why that I named this name with this kind of character? Because I would like to let mankind to understand that I am the God of justice and a burning sun and also as the flaming fire. Let all people worship me--the only true God. Let people see my real true face: not only as the God of Israeli and not only as a Savior, but also as the God who created all objects from the heaven to the earth and the sea.

If Messiah is still called as "Jesus" when descending at the dooms era, still born at Judea and working at Judea, It would mean that I only created Israeli, saving and atoning Israeli, ignored other countries' people. It would be contrary to what I said about "I am the master of creation of all objects in the world." I left Judea to work at other countries, due to I am not only the Israeli's God. Actually, I am also the God of all created objects. Why shall I present at other countries at the doomsday? For I am not only as "Jehovah"--the Israeli's God but also the master of the created and selected people in other countries. I created not only Israel, Egypt and Paris but also other countries outside of Israel. So that I only used Israeli as the originated station and also a base to work on saving work in Judea, Galilee. I shall end the era with outside base. I did two steps of work at Israel--(The Law Era and the Grace Era.) plus two steps in all other areas out of Israel--(The Grace Era and The Kingdom Era). It would be a conquest work in order to end the era.

People always call me as Jesus Christ, but did not know that I have opened a new era before doomsday, and also developed a newer job. People are still eagerly waiting for Messiah Jesus' advent. I think they neither believe in me, nor know me well. They just used my name. How can this kind of people see "Messiah Jesus" advent? They are waiting neither for my advent but for Jewish's king instead, nor for me to completely destroy the dirty old world but for Jesus' advent again to save them and to forgive them. It means that they expect Jesus to forgive and save all human beings from this dirty and unjust place. How can this kind of people help for my work in the last era? Whatever people want they can neither be able to make my wish come true nor help me to accomplish my work. Because people only respect and remember my work but do not know I am a new God myself, changing all the time. They only know me as Jehovah or Jesus but not know that I will be the one to finish the mankind in the doomsday. What people expect and understand is whatever they think and see that is contrary to my work, if I do whatever people want, when can I finish my job? When are people able to rest? How can I enter the seventh day--the Sabbath day? I do according to my own plan and purpose, not to mankind's plot.

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