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Eastern Lightning Writings:

Prepare enough good deeds for your permanent home

Among you I do a lot of work. Of course I also speak some word, but I always feel my work and words don't completely reach to my purpose for the work of the end of age. For at the end of age the purpose I work is not for some people or someone, but come to reveal my original temperament. But because of kinds of reasons such as the time is rash or the work is busy my temperament doesn't make people know me a little. So I step to my new project and enter my last work and develop the new page of the work so that everyone who can see me will beat his breast and pound his back to cry without stopping because of my existence. For I'll bring the end of mankind to the world. Then I announce all my temperament to mankind and let all the people who know me and don't know me "enjoy to the full watching" and see that I really come to the world and the earth where lives everything. This is my project and it's the only "statement" from the creation. I wish you could notice my actions with your heart for my rod for torture is near to mankind and to those who are against me.

I do my work with heaven together, so I walk among people and move between heaven and earth. People never notice my actions or my word. So my plan is still developing smoothly. Only all of your organs are so deadened and you don't know my work step at all. But one day you'll know my purpose. Today I live with you and suffer with you together. I've already known what attitude mankind treats me. I'm not willing o explain more or list more examples in these sad things to shame you. I only hope you can put what you've done in your heart so that we can exchange your deeds when we meet together again. I don't want to frame anybody for I always deal with things with righteousness and I'm open and aboveboard. Of course I also hope you can be openhearted and don't do anything without fairness. This is my only require to you. Many people feel very uncomfortable because of their heinous crimes. Many are very ashamed because they didn't do a good deed. And many don't feel ashamed because of their own sins but are getting worse and worse and completely tear their ugly faces that don't expose completely to sound my temperament out. I don't care or pay attention to anyone's actions but do what I should do. Sometime I know some news or walk freely or do the things that can interest me. At the key time I do the work among people according to my plan. There won't be one minute or second later and it's very light and simple. But I will throw off some people when I do one step of the work. For I hate those people flatter their affected slavery appearance. Those I hate of course will be throw off, purposely or accidentally. Anyway, I'll let those I hate far from me. Of course, I won't release those evils still in my home. For the day I'll punish people are coming. So I don't hurry to throw all the disgusting devils off my home because I have my own plan.

Now the time for me to decide everybody's endings, not the time when I work on people. I list everybody's words, actions and everybody's following course and original nature or last behavior on my notebooks. So whoever you are, you can't escape my hands and all of you will be classified by my arrangement. I decide one's ending not according to the age or the qualification or suffering more or less or pitiful look but according to whether you have the truth or not. There's no other choice except this. You should know those who don't obey God's willing would be punished. This can't be changed by anybody. So those who are punished because of God's righteousness or get the retribution because of their evil deeds. My plan isn't changed at all from the beginning to the end. Only people see that the audience I speak to is getting less and less. But I still say my plan is never changed but people's faith and love are changing and getting less. So that perhaps everybody will curry favor with me and be cold to me and then drive me off. The attitude I show you is neither hot nor cold and then I hate you and then punish you. But I still can see you during the punishment, however you won't see me for I've already felt dull and depressed among you. So without doubt I choose another life environment so as to escape your evil hurt and far from your dirty actions in order to avoid you cheating me continually. Before I leave you, I still persuade you: don't do the unjust things without the truth but do the things that can please everybody and good to everybody and good to your end otherwise the ones who will suffer in the disaster are not others but you.

My mercy shows on those who love me and forget themselves. The punishment to the evil proves my righteous temperament and the testimony of my anger. When the disaster comes down, all the betrayers will mourn in the famine and pestilence. Those who have heinous crimes and ever follow me for many years can't escape from the sins. They are in a constant state of anxiety in the famine unusual in millions of years. Those who follow me and are loyal to me will over joy with claps and praise my almighty nature. The happy feeling can't be described and live in the happiness that I never bestow the world. Because I regard people's good deeds as precious but hate people's evil deeds. I lead people and hope that I can get a group who can have one heart and mind till now. But I never forget those who don't have a heart and mind with me and hate them in my heart and wait for a chance to punish them. And then I feel joyful to see it. Today my day is coming at last and I needn't wait any more.

In the last work I not only punish people but also arrange people's permanent home and gain everybody's admission to my deeds. I'll let every one see what I do is right and what I do is the statement of my temperament, not people's accomplishment. It's not the nature that created the mankind but "I" support and feed every living thing. Mankind will perish without me and only have the famine's invasion. Nobody will see the beautiful sun and moon. Nobody will see the green world. There's only cold and dark night and the valley of the shadow of death inevitably. I'm the only Savior ad only hope and the support of mankind's existence. Without me mankind will stop immediately. Without me mankind can only suffer the disaster and kinds of ghost's trample although nobody cares about me. I do the work that nobody can do and only hope people can answer for me with some good deeds. Although less people can answer for me, I still end my travel in the world and do next step of the work that will start. For I bear the fruits during many years when I'm in the world and I'm very satisfied. What I care is not the numbers of the people but people's good deeds. Anyway, I hope you should prepare enough good deeds for your end. So I'll be satisfied. Otherwise it's impossible for you to escape the invasion of the disaster. The disaster is from me and of course I'll control it. If you can't be regarded as good enough before me, then you can't escape the suffering of the disaster. During the persecution, your deeds were not completely good. For there's no your faith or love and only cowardly or strong. I only criticize you very good or not very good. What I care is still your deeds and all the performances and I decide your ending according to these. But I'll still state that those who were not loyal to me in the persecution can't get my mercy any more. For my mercy is over and I also don't like every one who ever betrayed me. I don't like to make friends with those who betrayed friends' interests. This is my temperament. Whoever he is, I'll tell you that anyone who hurts me seriously can't get my second toleration. Anyone who is loyal to me will keep in my heart forever.

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