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Eastern Lightning Writings:

Only Christ at the end of age can bring the path of life

Not anyone can have the path of life and not everybody can have it without difficulties for the life can only be from God that is to say only God himself has the essence of life. Only God himself has the path of life. So we say only God is the resource of life and only God is the life spring flowing without end. From the creation till now God has already done a lot of life work and done a lot of work that brought people life. He spent a lot to make people get life for God himself is the everlasting life and he himself is the path which can make people come back to life. God is in people's heart all the time and lives among people the whole time. He is people's strength of life and is the base of people's existence and is the rich resource for people life in the end. He makes people flow away and come back to life and makes people live strongly as everyone's role. Depended on his strength and his everlasting life power, people live age after age. God's power of life stands among people as usual. He pays the price that people can't. God's life power can conquer all the power and over all the power. His life is long and everlasting. His life is out of ordinary. Any creature or any anti-power can never press his life power. Whenever and wherever his life power exists and it shines lights. The heaven and earth can change but God's life still exists for God is the resource of everything's existence and the base of everything's existence. People's life is from God and the heaven is from him. The earth is from God's life power and any living things can't be over God's control. Any living things can't be out of God's authority and live under God's control and can't escape from God's hands.

Now perhaps you want to get life very much. Perhaps you want to get the truth very much. Whatever you want, you still want to find God, and find God on whom you can depend and God who can give you life. If you want to get the life, you must know the resource of everlasting life and know where God is first. Just now I said only God is the long life and can't change and only he is the path of life. Since he is the long life and can't change, that is to say, he is the everlasting life; since he is the path of life, then God himself is the path of everlasting life. So you should know where God is first and how you can get the path of everlasting life. Now let's discuss the two problems separately.

If you really want to get the path of everlasting life and hunger and thirst for it, so you answer me a question first: where on earth is God now? Perhaps you'll say God lives in heaven of course. Can he live in your home? Perhaps you'll say God of course lives among every thing. Perhaps you'll say God lives in everybody's heart. Perhaps you'll say God is in the spiritual world. I don't deny all of your statements, but I must tell you clearly about this question. "God lives in people's heart" these words are not completely right or completely wrong for among people some are false, some are praised but others aren't. Some are loved but others are hated, some are completed but others are eliminated. So I say, God only lives in some people's hearts and these people are the real believers and the ones who God praises and loves and makes perfect. These are the ones who God leads. Since they are the ones who God leads, they have already heard and seen God's path of everlasting life. But those false believers, those God doesn't praise, those God hates and those God eliminates are definitely refused by God and can never get the path of life. They definitely know where God is. On the contrary, those whose hearts God lives in are the ones who know where God is and who God bestows his path of life and the ones who follow God. Now can you know where on earth God is? God is not only in people's hearts, but also beside people. He is not only in the spiritual world but also over everything and on the earth where people live. So the coming of the end of age brings God's work to next new state. God not only controls everything but also is the foundation in people's heart and even lives among people. So he can bring the path of life to people and can lead people to enter the life. God comes on the earth and lives in the world in order to make people get the path of life and make them alive. At the same time he conducts everything in order to cope with his project in the world. So if you only admit that God is in heaven and God is in people's hearts, but you don't admit that God exists in the world so you can never get life and can never get the truth.

God himself is the life and the truth. His life exists with the truth. If people can't get the truth, he definitely can't get the life. Without the guide and support and supply, you can only get the dead words, the theory and the death. God's life exists every minute and his truth and life exist together. If you can't find the resource of the truth, you can't get the nourishment of the life. If you can't get the supply of the life, you must have no truth. In your whole body, it's your flesh only except your conception and imagination and your body full of smell. You must know the words on the books can't be the life and historical records can't act as the record of God's new words. Only the words God speaks when God comes to the world and lives among people are truth and life and it's God's will. It's God's work style now. If you obey the record of God's words before, you must be an archaeologist. So it's very right if say you are a specialist for studying historical relic. You always believe in the mark of God's work before and the vague impression that God has left before and the path that God taught his followers before. But you don't believe in the tendency of God's work now or God's appearance or the path of the truth that God states now. So it's irreproachable that you are an over unrealistic dreamer. If now you still keep the dead words that can't make you alive, so you are an incurable rotten wood because you are so conservative and stubborn. You are so impervious to reason.

The name of God in the flesh is Christ. So it's not undue to call Christ who can give people the truth God. For he has the essence of God and he has God's temperament and work wisdom that people can't reach. Those who call themselves God but can't do God's work are fakes. So-called Christ is not only God's glory shining on the earth but also the special flesh that God carries out his work and complete his work among people. The flesh can be instead of anybody but is the flesh that is good enough to shoulder God's work on the earth and good enough to represent God and supply to people the life. Those who pass themselves off as Christ will fall down at last for although they call themselves "Christ" but they don't have the Christ's essence at all. So I say true or false can not be determined by mankind but by God himself. So if you want to seek for the path of life, first you must admit that God comes to the world to do the work of the life and comes to bestow people the path of life, not before but today.

Christ at the end of age brings the life and the long and everlasting path of the truth. The truth is the way for people to get life and the only way for people to know God and get praised by God. If you don't seek for the path of life that Christ at the end of age supplies, then you will never get Jesus' praise and never have the qualification to go to the gate of the kingdom because you are the historical puppets and prisoners. The ones who are controlled by the regulations, the dead words and historical chains can never get the life and never gain the everlasting path of life for what they get is the dirty water for thousands of years, not the life water from the throne. People who can't be supplied by life water are corpse for ever and are Satan's plaything and the sons of the hell, if so, can you see God? You only ask for keeping the history, only keeping it as before and walking around your original place, but you don't intend to change the occasion now and eliminate the history, then aren't you the ones who are against God for ever? God's work step is vast and mighty like the surging waves and the seething thunder, but you sit still waiting for death and trust to chance and strokes of luck, if so how can you be the ones who follow Lamb? How can it prove that "God" you believe in is new God forever? And how can those old dead words in the books bring you across the era? How can they take you to look for God's work? And how can it take to heaven? What you are sure in your hands are the dead words that can make you comfortable temporarily and they are not the truth to give you life. The verses and words you read can only fill with your tongue, not make you know the philosophy of life, not the way that makes you completed. Can't it make you think out the secrets? Can you take yourself to go to heaven to see God? Can you take yourself to heaven to enjoy family happiness with God if God doesn't come? Are you still dreaming now? Then I persuade you, your dream should stop and you should see who is working now and who is doing the saving work at the end of age, otherwise you'll never get the truth or the life.

People who want to get the life not according to the truth from Christ's mouth are the most absurd in the world. Those who don't accept the path of life that Christ brings are the ones who indulge in the wildest fantasy. So I say those who don't accept Christ at the end of age are the ones God hates forever. Christ is the gate across which people enter the kingdom and nobody can go beyond it. Nobody can be completed if they don't accept Christ. If you are believers and you must accept God's words and obey God's way. Don't only want to get blessings but without accepting the truth or the supply of the life. Christ comes at the end of age to supply the life for all the real believers. The work is to end the old age and enter the new age. It's the way for all the people who enter the new age. You can't admit but you declare it as guilty or blaspheme or compel, then you are definitely the ones who will be burned in the everlasting centuries and can never go into God's kingdom. For this "Christ" is the statement of Spirit and God's representative and God entrusts him to do the work on the earth so I say if you can't accept all the Christ does, then you are the one who blaspheme Spirit. The retribution for those who blaspheme Spirit is self-evident for everyone. I'll tell you, if you say against Christ of the end of age and refuse him then nobody can bear the ending for you. From then on you'll have no chances to get praise from God forever and even you want to regret but it can't make you see God's face again. Because who you say against is not a person who you deny is not a small person but Christ. Do you know such ending?

What you do is not a small mistake but a heinous crime. So I persuade everybody: don't bare fangs or brandish claws before the truth. Don't wag your tongue too freely for only the truth can bring you the life. Except this there's nothing that can make you come back to life to see God's face.

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