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Eastern Lightning Writings:

Talking about the permanent home

Once to mention the permanent home you all treat it very carefully and each of you is very sensitive to the things about permanent home. Some people would kowtow to God if they could so as to ask for a good permanent home. I know your anxious feelings. We don't describe them any more. You only don't want your body to be fallen down to the disaster and don't want to make yourselves in the permanent punishment. You only want to live more freely and more comfortable. So when I mention the permanent home your hearts are touched very much and you're very afraid that if you offend God with a little care and you'll get the retribution you should have. What's more, you don't hesitate to make concessions to achieve the permanent home and even many people among you who are smooth all the time suddenly change to be very sincere and tender in order to get the permanent home. The "sincere" appearance makes you feel bitterly disappointed. Anyway, your hearts are all honest. You open your secrets deep in your hearts without hiding from the beginning to the end, complaining or cheating or being loyal. Anyway you all "tell" me frankly all the essence things deep in your heart. Of course I never escape from these things because I've already accustomed with them. You'd rather go to the sea of fire for your last permanent home than lose a piece of hair to get God's praise. Not I bent on you but you don't have a loyal heart to face all I do. Perhaps you don't understand my words then let me explain it simply: what you need is neither the truth nor the life nor the rule to be a good person, nor my hard work, but all things you have (money, position, family, marriage and etc). You pay no attention to my words or work. So I describe your faith in one word that is "perfunctory". To the things you're absolutely loyal to you will not hesitate to get them, but to believe in God I find that you hesitate to make any efforts, but are loyal relatively and careful relatively. So I say all those who don't have sincerity are the failure in believing in God. Think carefully and aren't there many failures among you?

You must know people can succeed because of people's own deeds. People can't succeed but fail also because of their own deeds. There's no other reason. I believe that you'll make any efforts to get anything more difficult than believe in God and makes you suffer and you'll treat it very carefully and even don't want to have any error. These are the efforts you each make for your own life. You even cheat my flesh but you don't cheat any of your own relatives. This is your deeds all the time and the principle you handle affairs. In order to get your permanent home, in order to have good and satisfactory permanent home, don't you still make false appearance to cheat me? I know your loyalty is temporary and your sincerity is temporary and are your faith and spend normal? You only use the last efforts to gain actively the good ending. Your purpose is to exchange the good ending, not in order to treat the truth fairly, or repay my efforts. That is in one sentence: you only want to get it with plot and don't want to do it with strength. Aren't these your hearts? Don't pretend or rack your brains for your permanent home so that you can't think of the food in the daytime and can't sleep well at might. At last will your endings still be decided? You should be frank and do well on your duty and should not hesitate to use your strength. As what you say that at that time God won't mistreat anyone that suffers for him. Such a faith is worthy keeping and you should remember it forever. So I won't worry about you, otherwise you are always the one who I worry about all the time and the ones who I hate forever. If you all can expend all your things with your conscience, make any efforts for my work and devote all your strength to my gospel and then don't I feel overjoyed with you all the time? If so, don't I completely rest assured of you? It's a pity that what you can do is only a small wretched past that I wish. Then how do you have self-respect to extort what you hope to gain?

The permanent home and fate are very important to you. You think if you don't do the work very carefully and you won't have the permanent home and you destroy your own fate. But do you ever think if you pay a price for your ending, it's still worthless. Such a price is not the real feeling. Only is the false appearance and deception. If so, those who spend for the ending will suffer the last failure for the failure people believe in God is caused by the deception. I've said that I don't like neither people flatter me nor fawn on me or how warm to me. I only like those honest people to come to face my truth and my will and like that people can give every care to my heart and pay any price for me and then my heart can be comfortable. Now how much don't I like on you? How much do I like? Doesn't anybody realize your ugly expressions for your endings?

My heart doesn't want to hurt any heart that is active and isn't willing to kill the strength you do your duty with loyalty. But I have to warn each of you of your shortcomings and your dirty spirit deep in your heart. The purpose I do so is only that I hope you can devote your real heart to confront with my words for I hate the most is that people deceive me. I only hope that you can perform most wonderfully in my last work and devote yourself with all your heart. Don't be of two minds. Of course I also hope that you can have a good ending. But I still have my requirement that you can have the best choice you devote your only and best loyalty to me. If even there's no only loyalty, then such people are definitely Satan's precious children. I won't keep them any more and take them to their home and let their parents look after them. My work is very helpful to you. What I want to get from you is the honest and active heart. But now my hands are still empty so you think that one day if I still feel too painful to express my feeling then what attitude will I have to you? Will I be so gentle? Will my heart be so calm? Do you know the feeling of a farmer who racks his brain to till land but gain no corn? Do you know how heavy a person is hurt by strike? Can you taste the suffering that a person as full wishes and dismisses with sadness? Do you see the fiery that a person who is enraged gives out? Do you know the anxious feeling of a person who is adopted a hostile attitude and is cheated and wants to revenge? If you know these people's feeling then I think you can imagine that how God will punish people. At last I hope that you should make efforts for your endings. But you'd better not make efforts with the deception skill. If so I still feel disappointed with you. What end will such disappointment bring? Then don't you fool yourself? Those who think of good endings but destroy the permanent home are the ones who can't be saved any more. Even though they are so angry but who will sympathize to them? Anyway I'm still willing to bless you that you'll have a suitable and fine permanent home and hope you won't fall down to the famine.

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