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Eastern Lightning Writings:

Christ does the work of judgement with the truth

The work at the end of the age is the work of classification. It's the end of God's projection. For the time is near and God's day is coming. God brings all the people who enter his kingdom that is the people who are loyal till the end to his own era. Before God's own era comes, God's words are not to check people's actions or ask people's life but judge people's disobedience. For God will purify all the people who come before his throne. All of the people who follow God's step till today are those who come before God's throne. So everyone who accepts God's last work is the one who God will cleanse. That is to say, everyone who accepts God's last work is the one who God will judge.

It's referred before "judgement begins with the family of God". Here "judgement" is that today God will work on the people who come before his throne at the end of age. Perhaps someone thinks that at the end of age God will place a large table in the sky. On the table there's a white cloth. God will sit on a large throne. All the people will kneel down to the ground. God will reveal everybody's crime facts and according to this God will decide who will go to the heaven or go to the fiery lake of burning sulphur. These are all their imagination. However people imagine, they can't change the essence of God's work.. People's imagination is the plot of their thoughts. It's from mankind' brain. They're pieced together according to what people have seen and heard. So I say, however people's imagination is wonderful, it's only a cartoon. This can't take place God's work project. After all people are corrupted by Satan. How can they see through God's thoughts? People imagine the work of judgement very fantastically. They all think since it's God's own work of judgement, it must be a very grand scale. People can't understand. It must resound to the skies and shake the earth. Otherwise how can it be God's work of judgement? People think if it's the work of judgement, then when God does the work, he must have a commanding presence and must be very vigorous. Moreover, those who are judged must cry loudly and kneel down to the ground to ask for pardon. The occasion at that time must be very grand and must be very exciting…everybody imagine superbly of God's judgement. But do you know when God has already started judgement, you are still sleeping in your comfortable home. When you think God's judgement starts, it's already the time for God to change the heaven and the earth. On that time perhaps you start to know the meaning of the life, but God's merciless punishment puts you sleeping soundly to the hell. Then you will wake up suddenly and know that God's judgement has already ended.

Let us not waste the good time. Don't talk about those disgusting questions. Let's talk about what is judgement! Referred to the judgement you'll remember the Lord's words to announce to the nations and the words Jesus accuses Pharisees. These words are very severe but they are not the words of judgement. They are only the words God said in the different occasion or background. These words are different from the words Christ judges people at the end of age. Christ at the end of age teaches people with all kinds of the truth and reveals people's nature and dissects people's words and actions. These words include a lot of aspects of the truth, for example, people's duty, how people obey God, how to be loyal to God. How people live in the normal nature, God's wisdom, God's temperament and etc. These words are referred to people's character and people's corrupted nature, especially those words that reveal how people refuse God are directed against that mankind are originally the Satan incarnate and people are the enemies to God. God does the word of judgement not just with two or three words that can dig out mankind's nature, but reveals and rebukes and disciplines for long time. These kinds of revelation and rebuke and discipline can't be instead of other common words, but be taken place of the truth people don't have. This style can be called judgement. Such judgement can conquer people and make people respect God completely and know God truly. Judgement makes people know God's real appearance and know people's disobedience. Judgement makes people know God's will a lot and understand God's work purpose a lot. It makes people know more of mysteries that people don't know. What's more, it makes people know people's corrupted nature and the reason of the corruption. It also makes people realize people's ugly face. These effects are all brought by judgement. For the essence of judgement is the work that God's truth, path and life are open to all believers. This work is the judgement that God does. If you don't care about this truth, if you always want to escape from the truth and always want to find a new way outside the truth, then I say you are guilty of the most heinous crimes. You believe in God but you don't seek for the truth or God's will and you don't like the path which makes you nearer to God, then I say you are the person who escape judgement and you are the puppets and betrayers who escape from the white throne. God won't release any betrayer who escapes from his eyes. Such people will get heavier punishment. Those who come to God to accept the judgement and get cleansed will live in God's kingdom forever. Of course this will happen later.

Judgement is God's own work. Of course God will do it by himself. Nobody can do it. For God does the judgement to conquer people with the truth, there's no doubt God still appears in the flesh among people to do the work. That is to say, Christ of the end of age will teach the nations from all over the world with the truth. He will tell all the people all the truth. This is God's judgement. Many people feel very uncomfortable with God's second coming in the flesh for it's difficult for people to believe that God can come to do the judgement in the flesh. But I tell you, God's work is always out of people's prediction, it's always difficult for people to accept it with their brain. For mankind is the maggot on the earth but God is the highest full of the universe. Mankind's brains are like a puddle of smelly water, out of which are maggots, but every step of the work lead by God's thoughts is the crystallization of God's wisdom. People always want to fight with God, but I say it's self-evident that which side will stand to lose at last. I persuade that you don't regard yourselves precious as the gold. Others can accept God's judgement, why can't you accept it? How much are you higher than others? Why do others bow to the truth but you can't? God's work goes forth and he won't repeat doing the judgement two times because of your "contribution". You'll regret to death if you lose such a good chance. If you don't believe in what I said, you can wait for the white throne in the sky to "judge" you! You know all the Israelites refuse Jesus and deny Jesus but the fact that Jesus saved mankind is still spread to the ends of the earth. Isn't this fact that God has already completed? If you still wait for Jesus to bring you to heaven, then I say you are stubborn like a decomposed wood. Jesus won't accept you a false believer who is not loyal to the truth but only want to gain blessings. On the contrary, he will throw you without mercy into the lake of fire to be burnt for thousands of years.

What is the judgement? What's the truth? Do you understand? If you understand, I persuade you accept the judgement submissively. Otherwise you will have no chance to get praise from God or be brought to God's kingdom. God will abandon those who only accept the judgement but can't be cleansed that is those who escape from the judgement forever. Their crime facts are more serious and much more than those Pharisees. For they betray God and they are the betrayers. These who are even not qualified to serve will get heavier punishment and everlasting punishment. God can't release any betrayer who is loyal to him with his mouth but betray him. Such a person will get punished with his spirit, soul and body. Doesn't it right show God's righteous temperament? Isn't it the purpose that God judges and reveals people? God puts those who perpetrate numerous crimes during the judgement to the place where evil spirits dwell in and let them destroy their bodies at will. Their bodies give out the smell of the corpse. This is the retribution they should have. God lists every kind of crime facts of those false believers without loyalty, apostles and workers on their record books. And then he will throw them into the unclean devils in a suitable time and let the devils sully their whole body at will and won't make them reincarnate forever or see the light. God lists those who are ever hypocritical and all along but aren't loyal till the last among the evil. God lets them mix with the evil to become a horde of rough and extinguish them at last. God puts those who are never loyal to Christ or never devote any strength aside and doesn't care about them and kill them all when he changes the age. Then they won't live on the earth, of course can't enter God's kingdom. God lists those who are never sincere to God but cheat God with no other way among the servants. Only small parts of these people can live. Most of them will perish with those who are not qualified with servants. At last, God will bring all those who have one heart and one mind and God's people, sons and priests God predetermines to his kingdom. These are crystals during the work God gains. Those who can't be classified to the classes God divides are listed to the group of the world. You know what their endings would be! What I should say have I told you. You decide the way you should choose by yourselves. You should know such a sentence: God's work never waits for anyone who can't follow his step. God's righteousness is merciless to anyone.

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