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Eastern Lightning Writings:

Who on earth are you loyal to?

Now every day you spend is very important and important to your end and fate. So you'll cherish all you have now and every minute you spend now and try all the time to make yourself gain most so that you don't waste your life in vain. Perhaps you all feel puzzled that why I say so. Frankly I'm not satisfied with your actions for the hope I want from you is not what you're like now. So I may say each of you is in the edge of the death but your voice for help before and the heartfelt wishes of pursuing the truth and yearning for the light before have already got to end. This shows your answer to me at last and also it's not what I've ever hoped. I don't want to speak against the fact for you make me so disappointed. Perhaps you don't want to let it go at that or confront with the fact but I'll still ask you seriously such a question: what is full of your hearts on earth these years? Who on earth are you loyal to? Don't say my question is sudden or ask me why I ask you such a question. You should know because I know you well and care about you too much and my heart is soaked in your deeds, so I blame you without end all the time and endure suffering but what you repay me is the ignorance and helplessness that I can't bear. You fool me so and don't you know at all? If you think so, that proves the fact that you are not really good to me. So I say you're deceiving yourself. You are too clever to know what you're doing, so what will you take to answer me?

The problem I care for is whom you're loyal to. I also hope you each clear your thoughts and ask yourself who on earth you're loyal to and who on earth you live for. Perhaps you never think over such a question, then let me help you open this question's answer!

People who have memories will admit such a fact: people live for themselves and are loyal to themselves. I think your answer is not completely right for you each live in your own life and struggle in your own sorrow so what you're loyal to are people you love and the things you like. You're not completely loyal to yourself because the people and things around you influence you so you are not really loyal to yourself. The reason why I say so doesn't prove that I agree you can be loyal to yourself but reveal your loyal hearts which are loyal to everything, for I never get anyone's "loyalty" so many years. You follow me so many years but you've never had a little "loyalty" and turn around your loved people and things even whenever or wherever you are, you put them in your hearts tightly and never leave them. You hanker after anything you love, and are fond of the things you love as you follow me even at the same time when you listen to my words. So I say you all use the loyalty I require you to be loyal to your lover and value your lover. Although you devote yourself to me one or two, but this can't represent your whole or represent that whom you are really loyal to is me. You put yourselves into the business you love. Some are faithful to their children. Some are loyal to their husbands. Some are loyal to their wives, some to money, some to the work, some to their boss, some to the position and some to the women. You never feel tired to the things you are loyal to, or vexed but are getting more eager and eager to have more and better things that you're loyal to and never give up. You always put me and my words the last after all your loved things and have to put them in the last even some people put the thing that you don't still find yet and you'll be loyal to fill the last place. There's nothing of me in their hearts. Maybe you'll think that I'm so strict with you and I'm treating you unjustly but do you ever think it over when you play with your family together, do you think that you are never loyal to me even one time? At that time don't you feel sorrowful from this? When you joyfully gain the salary that you work hard to get, don't you feel depressed that you never equip with enough truth? When do you mourn and cry with tears because you don't get my praise? You rack your brains for your children and you still feel unsatisfied to do so and still think that you need to care for them and never devote all your strength but you treat me carelessly the whole time, only in your memory, not existing in your heart. You never know my faithful heart to you or intend to understand but only think it a little and you think it's ok. Such a "loyalty" is not what I long for but what I hate for long time. But whatever I say, you still admit one or two and can't accept them all for you are so self-confident. You always accept my words with choice. If you're still like this now, I'm sure I have ways to treat you and I can make you admit what I say is true and is not out of the facts.

Now put some money before each of you and let you choose freely and don't commit your sins, then most of you will choose money and give up the truth. Better ones will give up money and choose the truth reluctantly. Those between the two kinds of people will grasp money with one hand and the truth with the other hand. So isn't your real appearance obvious? You will choose like this between anything you're loyal to and the truth and your attitude will be like this. Don't you? Don't many of you have hesitated between the true and false? The family and God, children and God, harmony and break-off, rich and poor, high position and common position, being supported and being refused and etc. In all of these struggles between proper and false, black and white, what do you choose? I don't think you couldn't know this. Between the harmony family and break-off family you choose the former without hesitation. Between money and duty you choose the former again even you don't have such a faith that you come back. Between luxury and poor you choose the former. Between children, wife, husband and I you choose the former. Between the conception and the truth you still choose the former. To confront with kinds of your evil deeds, it simply makes me lose the faith on you and simply surprises me that your hearts can't be softened! What my efforts for many years exchange is that you give up me and you have no hope. But my hope to you is rising as the days pass by for my day has already shown to everybody. But now you still pursue for dark and evil things and don't want to loose your hands. So how will your ending be? Did you think it over? If you're permitted to choose again, what attitude will you have? Is it still the former? Will what you answer me still be the sadness of disappointment and sorrow? Will your hearts still only have a little warmth? Don't you still know how to do can comfort me? At present, what are you choosing? Is it to obey or hate my words? My day has already shown before you and what you confront with is the new life and new start. But I'll bell you, the start this time is not the beginning of new work before but the end of old work that is the last scene. I think you'll know how unusual this start is! But one day, not very long, you'll know this start's real meaning. Then let's pass this start and welcome next ending! But what I still worry about is that you always choose the former between injustice and justice. But it's your past. I also hope I can forget all your past one by one, but it's difficult to do so. But I have a good way that is, let the future take place the past and let your past disappear and take the real appearance back today. So I have to beg you that you choose again and see who on earth you're loyal to?

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