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Eastern Lightning Writings:

The New Era

Riding on white clouds, the Messiah has returned. He has arrived amongst us, performed new works, ushered in a new epoch, conquered us with His words, and manifested His temperament of justice and righteousness. Laden with wrath and majesty. He has revealed Himself to us in His original guise, with almighty power and with omnipotence.

God's Appearing Brought in the New Era

God's six-thousand-year managed plan has already drawn to an end and the gate of the Kingdom has already opened to everyone who seeks for God's appearing. Dear sisters and brothers, what are you waiting for now? What are you seeking? Are you not waiting for God's appearing? Are you not looking for God's footsteps? How admirable is God's appearing! How difficult is it to trace out God's footsteps! In such era, in such world, what should we do so that we can see the day of God's appearing? What should we do so that we can follow God's footsteps? Everyone who is waiting for God's appearing confronts with such questions. Maybe you have thought these questions not only once, but what is the result? Where shall God appear? Where are God's footsteps? Have you got the answer? Many people may say, "it is simple, God will appear to all the followers and God's footsteps are just among us." A formula answer can be given by everybody, but do you really know what God's appearing is and what God's footsteps are? God's appearing is that God himself comes to the world and does his work, with his own position, his own temperaments and his intrinsic style, he does the work to open the new era and end the old era among man. This appearing is not a ceremony nor a sign, neither a picture nor a miracle, neither a big vision nor a religious procedure, but it is a real fact which people can be able to touch and see. This appearing is not for a mere formality, and it is not for a work which can be finished in a short while but it is for a step of God's work in his managed plan. God's appearing has his significance and it is related to his managed plan. This "appearing" is absolutely different from "the appearing" of God's guidance, leading, and enlightenment. Whenever God appears, he will do a great work and this work is different from the work which have been done in any other era, it is the work which people can not imagine and this work is the one that man has never experienced before. This work opens the new era and ends the old era, it is a newer and higher work to save human being, much more it is the work to lead man into the new era, this is the very significance of God's appearing.

You know what God's appearing is, but how should you look for God's footsteps? It's not difficult to explain this question, the answer is, where there is God's appearing, there you can find God's footsteps. Such explanation sounds very simple but it is not very easy to practise, for many people do not know where on earth God appears and much more they do not know where God will appear or should appear. Some people may think excitedly that where there is the Spirit's work, there is God's appearing; where there is the spiritual leader, there is God's appearing, or they may think where there is the famous people, there is God's appearing. These understandings are right or wrong, let us put it aside for a moment. In order to explain such questions, first, we must understand that our aim is not to look for the spiritual leader, but to look for God's footsteps. If we want to look for God's footsteps, we must seek God's will, God's Word and God's voice. For where there is God's new Word, there is God's voice; where there is God's footsteps, there is God's achievements; where there is God's announcement, there is God's appearing; where there is God's appearing, there is the existence of the truth, the way and the life. You are looking for God's footsteps but all of you have ignored the word "God is the truth, the way and the life". That is why many people have got the truth but they still do not think they have found God's footsteps, much more they do not admit it is God's appearing, what a critical mistake! God's appearing is out of man's idea, much more it is impossible that God will appear according to man's requirements. God does his work according to his own choice, his own plan, his own aim and his own style. When God does his work, it is not necessary for him to consult man and ask for man's opinion, much more he will not inform any man, this is God's temperament, as a human being, each of us should understand this. If you want to see God's appearing and follow God's footsteps, first, you should come out of your own idea. Do not make excessive demands of God and order God to do things in this way or in that way, much more you should never confine God in your limits and in your idea. But you should demand yourself how to seek God's footsteps, how to meet the appearing of God and how to obey God in his new work, this is what you should do. For man is not the truth and man does not have the truth at all. What man should do is to seek the truth, receive the truth and obey the truth.

No matter you are an American, a British or you come from the other nationalities, you shall come out of the boundary of nationalities and out of yourself and stand in the place of the creature to look upon God's work. Only like this, you will not confine God's footsteps in one place. For today, according to the idea of man, many people believe it is impossible that God will appear in one country or among any race. How can man figure out the profound significance of God's work and the great importance of God's appearing in their mind, by their idea? That is why I say you should come out of the idea of your nationality and your race to seek the appearing of God. Only like this, you are not bound by the idea; only like this, you can have the qualification to welcome God's appearing, otherwise you will forever be the people who are in darkness and be the people who can never get the commendation from God.

God is the whole human being's God. He does not consider himself as any country or race's private property. But he does do his planned work, no matter in any style, in any country or race. Maybe you have never imagined that God would not do his work in this style. Maybe your attitude towards this style is negation. Maybe the country or race which God appears to is the very country discriminated against by people and the very most backward country in the world, but God has his own wisdom. By his great power, by his truth and by his temperament, God got a squad of people who have one heart and one mind with him and a squad of people who went through all the sufferings, trials, persecution and followed him to the end. This squad of people is made perfect and conquered by him. God does not confine his appearing to any country or in one form, and the purpose of this is for him to finish his planned work. Just as God became flesh in Judea, the purpose of that was to finish the work of crucifixion and redeem the whole human being. But all the Jews thought it was impossible that God would do like this, it was impossible that God would become flesh and be an image like Jesus. Their "impossible" became the basis of them to condemn God and to resist God, because of this, at the end Israel became a conquered nation. Today, many people made the same mistake, they are indulging in unbridled propaganda that God will appear, but at the same time they condemn the appearing of God. Once again this "impossible" confined God in their imagination. That is why I saw many people laugh furiously after they read the Word of God. Is not this "laugh" same as the Jews' condemnation and blasphemy? In front of the truth, you are not godly and you do not have any thirsty attitude, but just study it and wait indifferently, what can you get if you wait like this? Will you get God's guidance? You even can not distinguish God's voice, God's word, how do you have the qualification to see the appearing of God? Where God is appearing, there is the announcement of the truth and the voice of God. Only the people who receive the truth are the people who can listen to the voice of God, only this people have the qualification to see the appearing of God. Please put aside your idea! Calm down and read this word carefully, only if you have a heart thirst for the truth, God will enlighten you to understand his intention and his word. Please put down your "impossible" talk! The more you believe "it is impossible", the more it is the possible things to happen. For God's wisdom is above all the heavens, God's thoughts are higher than man's thoughts. God's work is beyond the boundary of man's thoughts and idea. The more the thing is impossible, the more truth you can find in it; the more the thing is impossible for man to imagine, the more you can find God's intention in it. For it does not matter where God appears, God is God, even God's appearing place and form changed, but God's essence can never change. No matter where God's footsteps are, God's temperaments are the same, and he is forever the whole human being's God. Like the Lord Jesus, he is not only Israel's God, but also he is the whole Asian, European and American's God, much more he is the only God in heaven and on earth. Let us seek for God's intention, find God's appearing and catch up with God's footsteps from his voice and his Word! God is the truth, the way and the life. His Word is coexisting with his appearing. He reveals his temperaments and his footsteps to man all the time. Dear brothers and sisters, may you see God's appearing in these words and catch up with God's footsteps, walk into the new age, enter into the new heaven and the new earth which is prepared by God and is for the people who are waiting for God's appearing!

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