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Eastern Lightning Writings:

You should seek for the path to be compatible with Christ

I do so much work among people during the time I also state so many words. These words are for people to be compatible with me. However I don’t gain so many people who can be compatible with me. So I say people don’t treasure my words for people are not compatible with me. People who are ruined all live in Satan’s net or the flesh and carnal desire. Nobody can be compatible with me. Those who claim they are compatible with me are the ones who worship vague image. Although they regard my name as holy, they act opposite to me. Their words are full of arrogance and self-confidence because they are originally against me and can’t be compatible with me. They look for my step in the bible every day. They choose one paragraph of suitable words to read without ending and recite it as “scripture”. They don’t know how to be compatible with me or what is against me and only read the “scripture” all the time. They limit the vague god whom they never see in the bible. When they are free, they take it out to read. They believe in my existence only in the bible. They equal me to the “scripture”. If there’s scripture, there’s me. If there’s no me, there’s no “scripture”. They don’t care for my exist or my actions but particularly care for every word and even more people think if there’s no prediction in the scripture, I shouldn’t do anything that I’m willing to do. They regard the scripture as so important or may say they regard the words as so important that they measure every word I said with the scripture chapters and treat me as guilty with the scripture chapters. They don’t seek for the path to be compatible with me or with the truth but the path to accord with the bible words. They think those what are not accorded with the bible are definitely not my work. Aren't they the Pharisees' sincere inheritance? Those Pharisees regarded Jesus as guilty with Moses' law. They didn’t seek for the path to be compatible with Jesus but treated every word of the law with care so that finally they regarded Jesus who had no guilty as guilty because Jesus didn't obey the old testament and Jesus is not “Messiah” and crucified him. What’s their nature? Isn’t that they didn’t seek for the path to be compatible with the truth? They only care for every word of the scripture, but don’t care for my intention, work step and style. They are not seeking for the truth but obeying the dead words. They don’t believe in God or the scripture. To be said clearly and deeply, they are the watchdogs of the bible. In order to keep the benefit of the bible or keep the dignity of the bible and reputation of the bible, they crucified kind Jesus unexpectedly. They did so just to defend the bible against on injustice, only to keep every word of the scripture in people's hearts. Therefore they'd rather lose the future and the atonement sacrifices than crucify "Jesus" who was not compatible with the scripture verses. Aren't they "watchdogs" for every scripture verse?

How about people nowadays? In order to go to heaven and gain the blessings they would rather drive Christ who has already come to speak out the truth off the world. In order to keep "the Bible's benefit" they'd rather kill all the truth. In order to deep the bible's everlasting existence they'd rather crucify Christ who comes in the flesh again. How can people be saved with such evil hearts and such base nature? When I live among people, they don't know my existence. When I shine on them, they still don't know me. When my fury pours down them, they still don't know me. People seek to be compatible with scripture verses and the Bible, but nobody comes before me to seek to be compatible with the truth. All the people worship me in the sky and especially care about my existence in the sky but nobody cares for me in the flesh because I who live among people am simply negligible. Those who only seek to be compatible with scripture verses and the vague god are regarded humble and low in my eyes because what they admire are the dead words and the god who doesn't exist and can be controlled by others freely and can give them millions of property. What can such person get from me? Mankind's humble can't be simply described by words. They resist me and have such demands without endings. They don't like the truth and they say against me. How can they be compatible with me?

To resist me is to be incompatible with me. He who dislikes the truth is not compatible with me. He who disobeys me is the enemy to me and can't be compatible with me. I give all the ones who can't be compatible with me to the devil and under its corruption and expose their evilness at will. Then give them to the devil to swallow them. I don't care how many people worship me, that is to say, I don't care how many people believe in me. I only care how many people can be compatible with me because those who can't be compatible with me are all the evil men who resist me and they are my enemies. I can't provide for the enemies in my house. Those who can be compatible with me will serve me in my house forever but those who are not compatible with me will be punished forever. Those who care for the bible verses but don't care for the truth or seek for me are my enemies because they limit me in the bible and regularize me in the bible. They blaspheme me in this way. How can such men come before me? What they care about are not my actions, not my will or the truth but the verses, the verses making people die. Can these people be compatible with me?

I state many words and at the same time I also state my will and my temperament. But even though I do so, people still can't know me, or believe in me or say they can't obey me. Who can be compatible with me? Such as he who lives in the bible, the law, the crucifixion, the regulation and my work today. You only want to get blessings and rewards, but you never think how to do can be compatible with me or how to do can't resist me. I'm so disappointed with you because I reward you more but I get less from you. Which one can run off my eyes? Is that your cheat or arrogance or covetousness or luxurious hope or resistance or your disobedience? You do it perfunctorily and disgrace me, cheat me and extort me and demand my sacrifices. Can these evil deeds run off my punishment? These evil deeds are the evidence for you to be enemies to me and prove that you are not compatible with me. Each of you thinks that you are compatible with me too much. So whom can these real evidences cope with? You think you are loyal, sincere, very honest and sympathetic and you think your devotion is too much or you've done too much for me but whether you compare with your own actions or not, I say your arrogance is much enough. Your covetousness is large enough. Your trick is high enough. Your humble hearts and styles cheating me are much enough. However, there's a little loyalty or sincerity. There's even no honest and your heart is so evil to every one and even to me. You keep me out of your door in order to keep your daughters and sons or your husband or yourself. You don't care for me but your family, your children, your reputation, your future and your enjoyment. When do you think of me when you speak or work? In cold weather you think of your children, your wife (or husband) and your parents. In hot weather you don't think of me either but your benefit, your safety and your family when you are serving me. What do you do for me? Do you ever think of me? Do you do all the things for me and for my work? Where proves for you to be compatible with me? Where's the fact that you are loyal to me? Where's the practice that you obey me? What can prove that you don't ask for blessings? You all cheat me and play with the truth. You all conceal the truth and disobey the truth. What will get if you resist me like this? You only seek to be compatible with the vague god and only seek for the vague faith but these can't be compatible with Christ. So can't you get the retribution as the evil ones? On that day you'll know all those who aren't compatible with me can't run off God's fury and you'll know what kind of retribution you'll get if you resist me. When that day comes, the dreams that you want to get blessings or go to heaven will fly away. However, those who are compatible with me aren't like this. Although they lose so much and suffer a lot, they gain all the properties that I'll reward mankind. In the end you'll understand only I am righteous and only I can lead mankind to the permanent home for them.

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