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Eastern Lightning Writings:

Are you a real believer?

Perhaps you believe in God for not only one or two years. During these years perhaps you suffer a lot or have no suffering but gain a lot of blessings. Perhaps you don't suffer or gain the blessings but live commonly. Anyway, you are a person who still follows God. Then let's talk about the question about following God. But I'll refer to every one who read these words: God's own words are referred to every one who accepts God or any follower but not to all including the believers and unbelievers. If you think God speaks to the crowd, to the world, then God's words have no effects on you. So you should remember all the words in your heart. Don't put yourself out of the words. Anyway let's talk about the things in God's family.

You should know the real meaning of believing in God now and the intention of believing in God I told you before. It's all related to your enter from the obverse-side. Today, it's different. I'll dissect the essence of your belief. Of course this guides you from the reverse side. If I don't do so you'll never know your original feature and you'll praise your sincerity and loyalty forever. May say, if I don't dig the ugly and evil feature out of your deep heart, you each will put the crown on your head and give the glory to yourself. Your arrogance drives you betray your conscience, drives you betray and oppose the Christ and expose your ugly face. It'll expose your intention, conception, luxurious desire and covetous eyes in the light. However you shout loudly that you'll devote to Christ's work in all of your life. You say again and again the truth that Christ said before. These are your "faith", your "faith without mixture". I'm always strict with people. If there's intention and condition in your loyalty, then I'd rather not have your so-called "faith". For I hate people to cheat me with their intention and extort me with condition. I only hope you treat me with your real "faith". Referred to "faith", perhaps many people will think, "I follow God because of the 'faith', otherwise I won't bear the suffering." I ask you: you believe in God's existence, why don't you respect God? Why don't you fear God at all? You admit Christ is the God who comes in the flesh but why do you look down upon him? Why do you talk with animated gestures to him? Why do you judge him openly? Why do you spy on him? Why don't you obey his arrangement? Why don't you do things according to his words? Why do you extort his sacrifices? Why do you speak in the place of Christ? Why do you comment his work and his words? Why do you dare to blaspheme him behind him and etc.? Are these your "faith"?

Your speech and deportment shows that you don't believe in Christ. Your intention and destination to do things are full of the unbelievable part and even the things from your eyes are mixed with unbelievable part every minute. So you have the danger to betray Christ every minute. For you don't believe in the "God" who is in the flesh even in your blood. So I say your steps on the way where you believe in God are not steadily, but spend the time without care. You believe partly in Christ's words. You can't practice immediately. This is why you don't believe in Christ. You always have conception to Christ. This is another reason. Why don't you believe in him? You always have difficulties to believe in Christ's work. You always have prejudice to Christ's deeds and can't accept them correctly. Any explanation can't settle your conception. These are the unbelief components in your heart. Although you won't go away but follow Christ's work, there's so much betrayal in your heart. These are the mixtures that you believe in God. Perhaps you don't care about this and don't agree with this. But if you can't check your intention, you'll be definitely the one who will perish. For God accomplishes the people who believe in him with their hearts, not the ones who believe in him partly, not the ones who follow him with reluctance but never believe in him.

Some people don't like the truth and don't like the judgement, but only like the power and the money. Such people are called "force party". They especially look for those parties who have power in the world and especially look for the pastors and teachers from the theological seminary. Even though they accept the truth, they still believe in it partly and can't enter it with all their hearts. They say I'll spend for God but their eyes pay attention to the great pastors and teachers. They pay no attention to Christ. Their hearts are full of fame and wealth and honor. They never believe that such a little person can conquer so many people and make people perfect. They never believe that these unimportant persons from the dust and ash heap are the elect. They think if these people are saved then the heaven and the earth will be exchanged and it's ridiculous enough to make people laugh their heads off. They think if God chooses these people to make perfect and those important persons will become gods. In their points there are unbelievable parts. Not only they don't believe but also they are simply inhuman persons. For they only admire the fame and position and the power. They pay attention to large groups and parties. They pay no attention to the people who Christ leads. They are simply the betrayers who run in the opposite direction to Christ, the truth and the life.

What you admire is not Christ's humble but you worship those false shepherds who have high positions. You don't like Christ's loveliness and wisdom but like those licentious people who can cope with the world. You only laugh at Christ's sufferings without place to sleep but admire those corpses who hunt for the sacrifices and live in the luxurious lives. You're not willing to suffer with Christ but are willing to throw yourself into those arrogant false Christ's arms although they can only provide you the carnal things, the dead words and the limitation. Till now your hearts are still towards them and their fame and honor, towards the position which is in all the Satan's hearts, towards their power, their authority but you still can't accept Christ's work and are not willing to accept him. So I say you don't have such a "faith" that you admit Christ. You can follow me till today just because you are forced and don't have other ways. Each high image is in your hearts all the time. You can't forget each of their speeches and actions or their powerful hands. They are the highest in your hearts forever and they are heroes forever, but not for Christ today. He is always the most humble in your hearts and not worthy respecting for he is so common and his power is so low and he is not so high.

Anyway, I say those who don't pay attention to the truth are unbelievers and are the betrayers to the truth. These people can't get Christ's praise forever. Now do you find how much unbelievable component in you? Have you find how much you betray Christ? I persuade since you have already chosen the path of the truth and you should put yourself into it with all of your hearts. Don't shilly-shally. Don't be shaken. You should know God doesn't belong to the world or belong to someone but belongs to every person who really believes in him and those who worship him and all those who are sincere and loyal to him.

Now you still have some components of unbelief. You might check out carefully and you'll have the answer. When you get the real answer, you'll say you are not a believer, but a cheat, a person who blasphemes God and a betrayer and is not loyal to God. Then you'll feel that Christ is God not a mankind. On that day you will have respect, fear and real love to Christ. Now your faith is only three tenth percent but your presumption occupy seven tenth in your heart. Everything Christ does and every word Christ says can make you have conception and prejudice. These things are caused by your unbelief. You only admire the god that you can't see in the sky and only fear the god that you can't see. You don't care about the living Christ on the earth. Are these your unbelief? You only remember the god who ever did the work before but you don't face Christ today. These are the "faith" which is mixed with unbelief. I don't underestimate you for you have so much unbelievable component and you have so much mixture that need to be dissected. These mixtures are the signs that you don't have "faith" at all and refuse Christ. And they are the brand that you betray Christ and the handkerchief to prevent you to know Christ and the gap for you to be gained by Christ and the screen for you to be compatible with Christ. And they prove that you can't get praise from Christ. Now you'd better check out your life! This is good to you.

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