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Eastern Lightning Writings:

He who is incompatible with Christ is definitely a person who resists God

Every one wants to see the real nature of Jesus and is willing to be with Jesus. I think none of sister or brother will say he is not willing to see Jesus or be with him. You'll have so many ideas before you see Jesus, that is before you see God who is in the flesh. For example, What's Jesus like, how about his words, How's his life style and etc. But when you really see him, your ideas are immediately changed. Why? Do you want to know? True people's thoughts can't be ignorant, but Jesus character can't be changed. You regard Christ as a fairy or as a holy man, but nobody regards him as a normal person having godly character. So many people who want to see God day and night are against God and are incompatible with God. Isn't this people's wrong? Till now you still think your faith and sincerity are enough strong to see Christ. I suggest you'd better equip more real things. Because before, at present, in the future, so many people who get along with Christ failed. They act the role of Pharisees. What's the reason of your failure? Because in your thoughts there's a "high god”who is held in high esteem, but the fact does not achieve people's goal. Christ is not high but very short. He is not only a person but a normal person. He does not go to the sky and even can't go here and there freely on the earth. So people regard him as a normal person, they get along with him freely and talk to him with nonsense. In the same time they are still waiting for real Christ to come. They regarded the Christ who has already come as a normal person, and regard his words as what a normal person said. Therefore they didn't get anything from Christ, but their ugly appearance will be exposed in the light. You'll think you've already changed your character before you get along with Christ and you'll think you're Christ's sincere followers and you are most capable to accept Christ's blessings. Because you walked a long way and worked so hard and bore so many fruits, you'll be the one who gets the crown. But whether or not you know a fact that people's bad nature and obstinacy are exposed when they see Christ and the obstinacies exposed at this very time is more complete than any time. Just because Christ is the son of man and is the son of man who has normal nature, people don't respect him. Just because God lives in the flesh, people's obstinacy is exposed vividly?

So I say Christ's coming digs out mankind's obstinacy. Christ's coming back makes mankind's character exposed. This is called, "Lead the tiger out of the mountain or lead the wolf out of the cave”. Can you dare say you are sincere to God? Can you dare say you obey God definitely? Can you dare say you don't have any disobedience? Some will say, Every time God placed the condition, I don't complain at all and can obey all the time and I don't have any ideas about God. Some will say, I always do the things God wants me to do and I always complete it with any efforts and never ignore. Then I ask you, can you be compatible with Christ when you live with him? How long will be? Is that a day or two days or two hours or four hours? Your faith is good, though your perseverance is not too much. When you live with Christ, your self- confidence and your self- importance will expose with your words and actions. And then your luxurious desire and your arrogant feeling will expose naturally at last. Your arrogance is betting more and more when you are incompatible with Christ like the water and the fire, your nature will expose all. At that time your ideas can't be covered and your complain will get out naturally. Your base nature will expose all. At that time you'll still not admit you have disobedience but think such a Christ is not easy to be accepted, he is so mean. If a better Christ is instead, You'll obey him completely. You think you have disobedience is because Christ presses you to a degree. You never think you never treat Christ as God and you didn't tend to obey him but emphases all the time that Christ must do the things according to your will. You'll think he is a person not God. Aren't there many people among you who fought with him? Who on earth do you believe in? How do you pursue for? You always want to see Christ. I persuade you, I don't think highly of yourselves. Every one can see Christ but I say all of you are not qualified to see him. For people's nature is full of evilness, arrogance and disobedience. When you see Christ, your nature will kill you and will sentence you to death. When you get along with a sister or brother, may be it won't mean anything to you, but it's different if you get along with Christ. Your conception will take root, Your arrogance will sprout and your disobedience will bear rig fruits. How can such human nature be capable to get along with Christ? Can you really treat him as God every minute? Do you really obey God? You worship a high god in your heart as Lord and regard Christ as human nature, too low and degrading. You can't treat Christ as God forever. You just regard him as God when you are happy sometimes. So I say you are not real believers, but the accomplices of resisting Christ. You can get favor if you bestow others. Christ works so hard among you but can not get your love, and can't get your favor of your obedience. Isn't this a sad thing??

Perhaps you never curse anybody since you believed in God or never did a bad thing, but when you get along with Christ, you don't say honest words, you don't do good deeds, and you can't obey his words, then I say you are the most insidious persons. You are so good to your friends, so sincere to your wife (or husband), your children and your parents. And you never get anyone's advantages. But you can't be compatible with Christ or get along well with him, then even though you give all your things to your neighbors or take good care of your wife or your parents, I say you are still a evil man and you are very crafty. You think to be compatible with people is to be compatible with Christ and to do some good deeds is to be compatible with Christ. Do you think your warm heart can take heavenly blessings by art? Do you think do some good deeds can replace your obedience? Each of you can't accept God's testing or accept Christ's normal human nature but you still say with your mouth that you obey God. You will get your retribution with such a belief. Don't have a very fantastic idea or always want to see Christ because your stature is too small to have a qualification to see Christ. When your disobedience is taken off and when you can get along well with Christ then at that time naturally God will appear to you. If you come to see God without being tested or judged, you are definitely a person who says against God. Then you are the one who will definitely perish. Human nature is originally against God because Satan ruins mankind deeply. If a man gets along with God in corruption, he can't bear good fruits. Man's words and actions are all ruined. If he gets along with God, he will reveal his disobedience here and there. Therefore, he will be the one who says against God, cheats God and refuses God. At that time his condition will be more dangerous. Then he will be punished. Someone thinks since it's so dangerous to be with God, so it'd better for us to be far away from God. What can such person gain from God? Can he be sincere to God? Truly, it's not easy to get along well with God, but that's because of man's corruption, not because God can't get along well with people. You'd better work hard at knowing yourselves. Why is God not pleased with you? Why does God hate your nature? Why does God hate your words and actions? You crack yourselves up if you have a little sincerity. You look down upon others if you have a little obedience. In your eyes there's no God if you do a little work. You ask for money, things and praises if you receive God. You will feel so sorry if you devote two pennies and want to be different from others. Such human nature can't be worthy describing with words or hard to reach ears. Can your actions be worthy praise? Do your duty or not do your duty, to be a leader or to be a follower, receiver or not receiver, contributor or acceptor, preacher or listener and etc. All of you are singing your own praises. Don't you think you are ridiculous? You know clearly you believe in God but you cannot be compatible with God. You know clearly you have nothing good but you are still cracking yourselves up. Don't you think your senses have already come to the point of being hard to stop yourselves? How can such senses get along well with God? Do you now worry about yourselves? Isn't your faith ridiculous? If your nature can't be compatible with God, isn't your faith absurd? How will you confront with your future? How will you choose the way you will follow?

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