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Eastern Lightning Writings:

The sins and transgressions can lead you to the hell

I give you a lot of warnings and bestow you so much truth that conquers you. Till now you all feel you are more full than before and also know a lot of acknowledges for being a good person and know the normal knowledge that many sincere people have. These are all your fruits for many years. I don't deny your accomplishment but I say frankly that I don't deny the kinds of your disobedience and betrayal to me for there's no holy man among you but without exception you are all the people who are corrupted by Satan and you are Christ's enemies. Till now your sins and your disobedience are still unaccountable. So no wonder I always say again and again before you. I don't want to get along with you like this but so as to your fate and your ending I have to say again here. I hope you can understand me and hope you can believe in every word I say and can understand my deep meaning of the words. Don't be doubtful and don't pick up my words by the way and then give up freely. This makes me difficult to bear it. Don't judge my words or slight my words. Don't say I'm always tempting you or say my words are not correct. This is unbearable. For you always have no ends of worries about me and my words and ignore me and my words. So I tell you each seriously: don't relate my words with philosophy. Don't link up my words and the cheater's liars. And don't deal with my words with doubtful eyes. From then on maybe nobody will tell you such words and perhaps nobody can teach you with skill and patience like this. At that time maybe you'll think of the wonderful time before or you'll cry loudly or you'll be in the sorrowful mourn or you'll live in the darkness without truth or life support or you're just waiting but there's no hope or you are too regretful to lose your mind… Those "or" maybe can nobody escape. For nobody among you is in the banquet to really respect God but mixed in the evil and adultery world. A lot of things with no relative to the life and truth but to the opposite mixed in your faith and your spirit and your soul and your body. So what I hope to you is just the way that you can get the light. My only wish is you can "love" yourselves and treasure yourselves. Don't regard your permanent home as important but regard your actions and sins and transgressions as slight.

For so long time the believers all hope that they can have wonderful endings. All the believers hope that good luck can suddenly fall down to their heads and hope that they can sit quietly on any place of heaven without notice. But I say these who have many beautiful dreams never know whether or not they have qualification to bear the luck from heaven and whether or not they have qualification to sit on the seats of heaven. You today can know yourselves well but you still hope that you can escape the last disaster and the hands that the Almighty punishes the evil. Then to have good dreams and think of pleasant tasks are the common nature of all the people corrupted by Satan, not only one person's good work. Although it's so, I still will kill your luxurious desires and the anxious feelings that you want to grasp the blessings for your sins and transgressions are too much and the facts you disobey grow up many times. How can this cope with your beautiful blueprints? If you want to commit sins and transgressions without care or limitation and want your good dreams to come true, then I persuade you should sleep with the cover continually and don't wake up forever because your dream is only all empty dream. The just God can't break the principle for you. If you only want your good dream to come true then you should never have a dream and should face the truth and the fact. This is the only method to save you. Then what are the specific steps of this method?

One, you should check out all of your sins and transgressions and check out the actions and thoughts that are not compatible with the truth.

It's easy to do so. I believe that every one who has brain can do so, but except those who never know what are the sins and transgressions and the truth because these people actually don't have "brains". The targets I speak to are those who are accepted by God and honest and don't defend the administration seriously and can easily find their own sins. Although this condition I demand you is very easy to reach, this is not the only condition that I demand you. Anyway I hope you don't secretly laugh at my requirement or look down upon this demand of mine. Treat it carefully and don't be so careless.

Two, find the appropriate truth to settle every piece of your sins and transgressions and disobedience. Then your practice of the truth will take place of your sins and transgressions and your thoughts and the actions of your disobedience later.

Three, be an honest person. Don't act in a slick way. Don't be a crafty person (This is the second time that I require you to be an honest person).

If you can reach the three pieces, you'll be very lucky. You are the one whose dreams come true and is the one who can accept the good luck. You may treat these three common demands carefully or look at them with no care. Anyway, my purpose is to complete your dream and accomplish your wishes, not to laugh at you or fool you.

My demand is very simple but what I tell you is not as simple as one plus one equal to two. If you only say it with your mouths or have a loud and empty talk then your blueprints and hopes will be empty pages forever. I won't sympathize that you suffer so many years but get nothing. On the contrary, what anyone who doesn't reach my demands will get is only "punishment" without "rewards" or any mercy. Perhaps you think you follow me so many years, however you do you have the credit for hard work, however you do you can also do something in God's family as a servant. I say most of you think so for you always have such principle that you can gain the benefits but don't suffer losses. Then now I tell you formally. However you worked hard or how high your qualification of following me tightly or have great fame or your attitude turns back, only if you don't do according to my demands, then you'll never be possible to gain my praise. You'd better cancel kinds of your thoughts and plans earlier and treat my demands carefully otherwise I'll burn all the people to finish my work at most I'll melt my work for many years and suffering into thin air. For I can't bring my enemies and those evil and Satan-like people to my kingdom and enter next era.

I have many wishes and hope that you can be a good person and be well behaved and do your duty with loyalty. Do a person who has the truth and the good human nature and do a person who can devote all things to God and devote his life and etc. Those wishes refer to your shortcomings, corruption and disobedience. If the dialogue I have with you every time doesn't cause your attention enough, then I'd better say less. But such endings you know well. Usually I don't fill my spare time. If I don't speak any more, I'll do something to let you look, make someone rot his tongue or let someone die without the whole body or make some people eat enough suffering that I make, so my heart will feel very happy, joyful and overjoyed. For it's always said "Good is rewarded with good and evil with evil". Why don't I reward now? For what you do is neither the truth after all nor related with the life. But what I do is all the truth. They are related with my principle to do matters and my administration I planned. So I persuade everybody should do more good things and less evil deeds and when you're free you pay attention to my demands and I'll be very happy. If you devote one percent of the time you spend for your body (or say give alms) to the truth, then I say you won't often rot your tongue any more, isn't it obvious?

The more your sins and transgressions are, the less your chances that you get good permanent home, on the contrary, the less your sins and transgressions are, the more your chances that you get God's praise. If your sins and transgressions are so many that I can't pardon you then you will completely ruin the chances you can be forgiven. So your permanent home will not be above but below. If you don't believe then you can commit sins and transgressions boldly and see what endings you'll get. You practice the truth very carefully then your sins will have chances to be forgiven and the times you disobey God will getting less and less. If you're not willing to practice the truth then the sins and transgressions before God must be getting more and more and when they reach to the peak, it's time for your dreams for blessings to vanish. Don't regard your sins and transgressions as the mistakes that immature people or foolish people make. Don't regard that you can't practice the truth as the excuse because you have bad quality so you are difficult to practice the truth and don't only regard your sins and transgressions in your actions as a kind of deeds that you're not skillful. If you're good at forgiving yourselves and well treating yourselves then I say you'll forever be cowards that can't get the truth. And your sins and transgressions will be around you without end and make you that you can't accomplish the demands of the truth forever and you'll be Satan's loyal couples forever. I still sincerely advise that: Don't only pay attention to your permanent home but ignore the sins and transgressions hiding in you. Do pay attention to the sins and transgressions. Don't ignore all of your sins and transgressions only for your permanent home.

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