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Eastern Lightning Writings:

Do you know God is doing a great thing among people?

The old age passes by and the new age comes. Years and days go away. God has done a lot of work. He comes to the world and leaves again. So many centuries have gone round and round like this. Today God's still doing his work that he should do and the work that he doesn't finish for he still doesn't rest till now. God has already done a lot of work from the creation till now, but do you know the work God is doing today is more than those days and the scale is larger. So I say God is doing a great thing among people. Everything God does is very important not only to people but also to God for every work God does is related with mankind.

God's work can't be seen or touched and even can't be seen by the world, how can it be said a great thing? So what kind of thing is a great thing? Of course any people can't deny that whatever God does is called a great thing, but why says God's work today is a great thing? Since it's said that God does a great thing, there must be many mysteries that many people can't understand. Let's say it.

Jesus was born in a manger and was born in an age that he was not permitted to live but the world still couldn't stop him. He spent 33 years in the world under God's care. During these years, he experienced the world's bitterness and tasted the miserable life. He bore the burden that he was crucified to save all the people. He saved all the sinners under the Satan's control and at last his body raised from death turned back to his resting home. Today God's new work starts, that's to say, the new age begins. God brings the saved sinners to his home and starts his fresh wave. The work this time is more complete than before. It's not the Spirit that works on people to let them change, or Jesus' flesh appears among people to do this work or does this work by other ways but God in the flesh works by himself and guides the work. To do so is to lead people to enter the fresh wave. Isn't it a great thing? God does this work not to use some people or to prophecy but God does it by himself. Some may say this is not a great thing and it can't make people wild with joy. But I still tell you God not only does this work but does greater and more.

This time God comes to do the work not in the Spirit but in a common flesh, the flesh God comes in the second time and the flesh very common. You can't see his flesh any difference from others, but you can get the truth that you never heard from him. Such a small flesh is the embodiment of God's words of all the truth. He is the one who assumes the work at the end of age and also from him people can know God's all temperament. Don't you want to see God in the sky? Don't you want to know God in the sky? Don't you want to see mankind's home? He will tell you all the secrets that nobody ever tells you and he can tell you the truth you don't understand. He is the gate you enter to God's kingdom and the guide that leads you to the new age. Such a common flesh has so many secrets you can't estimate. You can't estimate his deeds, but all his purpose of his work makes you see that he is not a simple flesh that you think about. For he presents God's will at the end of age and God's care for mankind at last. Although you can't hear his speaking is like earth-shaking or his eyes are like fire or you can't be controlled by his iron rod but from his words you can hear that God is fury and know God sympathizes people and see his righteousness. You can see God's wisdom and even know God's care for mankind. The work God does at the end of age makes people on the earth in heaven can live among people and makes people know God, obey God, fear God and love God so he comes back the second time in the flesh. Although today you see that God is the same as mankind and you see a God who also has a nose and eyes and you see a common God. At last God will make you see that the heaven and earth will greatly change without him and the sky dark and the earth desolate and mankind live in the famine and pestilence without him. Let you see you'll be put to the hell earlier without God who comes in the flesh to save people. You'll be everlasting sinners without the flesh and be everlasting corpses. You should know without the flesh all nations can not escape from a great disaster or the heavier punishment. Without the birth-born of the common flesh, you'll beg for survive but you can't and beg for death but nobody can help. Without the flesh you can't get the truth today or come to the throne but you'll get punishment because of your heavy sins. Do you know if God doesn't come back in the flesh again, anyone has no chances to be saved and God has already ended the old age earlier? So can you still refuse God who comes in the flesh the second time? Since this common person is so good to you, why don't you accept him?

You can't understand God's work. Since you can't decide whether your choice is right or not, and don't know whether God's work succeeds or not, so why don't you have a try and see whether this common person can help you or not and see whether God has done a great work or not. But I still tell you: the people in the days of Noah ate, drank, married and were given in marriage up to a degree that God couldn't bear to see. God wiped all the people with a flood but only left his family including 8 members and kinds of birds and beasts. However, in the end those God leaves are loyal to God to the end. As same as the age when God can't bear the corruption of people and as same as the people who are too corrupted to know God, but God wiped people in the days of Noah. The degree that people make God over sad as same as before, but God can bear people at the end of age till now, why? Did you ever think about it? If you really don't know, I'll tell you. God gives grace to people in the end not because they are corrupted lighter than the days of Noah and not because they intend to repent or because the science develops well enough that God hates to destroy, but God has purpose on people at the end of age. God comes back in the flesh to do the work by himself and he will choose some of them as his saved people and his crystals of his saving project. Then he will bring these people into next age. So the efforts God makes prepare for God's work in the flesh in the end. You can live till today just because of the flesh. You can have chances to live because God lives in the flesh. All the blessings are from the common person. What's more, at last all nations will worship the common person and thank the small person and obey the small person. For the truth, the life and the way he brings save all mankind, release the connection between people and God, shorten the distance between God and people, exchange the hearts of God and people. It is he that gains more glory for God. Isn't such a common person worthy adoring? Isn't such a common flesh qualified to call Christ? Can't such a common person become God's representative among people? Isn't such a person who relieves the famine worthy loving and urging to stay? If you refuse the truth from his mouth and hate his existence among you, so what ending will be for you?

This common person can complete God's work in the end. He will bless you everything and even decide your everything. Can this person be a simple person that you think no worth to mention? Isn't his truth qualified to admire? Don't his deeds make you see with adore? Isn't his way worthy to follow? Which one makes you hate him, refuse him and escape him? It's the person who speaks out the truth, it's he who provides the truth and it's he who brings you the way. Can't you still look for God's work from the truth? Mankind can't be released from the cross without Jesus' work, but people released from the cross can never gain God's satisfaction without God in the flesh today and can never enter the new age. You'll never have chances and qualification to see God's original appearance without such a common person's coming, for you are the ones who should perish earlier. Because of God's coming in the second time in the flesh, God forgives you and sympathizes on you. Anyway I'll still tell you some words." The common person who is God in the flesh again is very important to you. This is the great thing that God has done among people.

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