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Eastern Lightning Writings:

Seven thunders clap — the Prophecy of the Gospel of the Kingdom will spread all over the world

I started my work among the Gentiles. My glory is shinning on all the earth and my will is upon each every single person, under my manipulation, everyone is doing the work assigned by me. From now on, I entered into the new age. I brought man into another world. When I once again came to my "home country", I started another part of the work of my original plan, so man will understand more of me. I watch the outlook of the whole universe, it is the great chance for me to work, so I run about and busy myself in doing my new work in man. All in all, it is the new age and I have brought the new works and will bring more new people into the new age and forsake more people whom I will eliminate. In the country of the enormous Red Dragon, I have done a step of unfathomable work. All people were blown away quietly in the wind and this is what I hoped for and my plan. Because many "evildoers" came in unwittingly while I was working, I was not in a hurry to drive them away but let them be blown away in the proper time. And only then I did be the source of life and let those who truly love me with their hearts get from me the fruits of the fig tree and get the aroma of the lily. Because in Satan's dwelling place, the place of dust, no pure gold remained, only the dust and sand remained. So according to such situation, I did a step of work like this, you shall know that what I got is the refined pure gold, not the dust and sand. How could the evildoers remain in my house? How could I allow the fox to live in my garden as a parasite? I drove them away by every possible means. Before I revealed my will, nobody knew what I would do, taking advantage of this occasion, I drove those evildoers out and they had to leave me. This is what I did to the evildoers, but still there will be one day for them to work together for me. Because man's earnestly eager to get the blessings, so I turned my face to "the Gentiles" and lifted up to the light of my countenance upon them, let man live in their own world and judge themselves, but I spoke what I should speak, "supplied" man's needs. When man all wake up, I have already spread my work everywhere. I will announce my will to man and start the second part of my work in man, let all men closely follow me to cooperate in doing my work, let all men do their best to do my due work with me.

Man had no faith to see my glory and I am not forcing anyone. I took my glory away from man and brought it to another world. When all people regret again, I will reveal my glory to more people who have faith, this is the principle of my work. Because there was the time that the glory left Canaan, there was the time that the glory left the chosen ones, much more there was the time that the glory left all the earth. And all the earth was gloomy without light and full of darkness, even there was no sun shining upon Canaan. All people lost their faith but nobody was willing to leave the aroma of Canaan. Only when I enter into the new heaven and the new earth, I shine another part of the glory on Canaan first and let there be a gleam of light in the darkness world and let all the earth come into this light. Let all people in the world have the aid of the power of the light, let my glory increasing further, appear to all nations once again, let all people discover that I'm already on the earth and have already brought my glory from Israel to the east. All these are because my glory appeared from the east and was brought from the Age of Grace and transferred to today. But I went from Israel, from Israel I moved to the east. Only when the light in the east is becoming brighter, then the darkness in the whole earth is becoming lighter. Then all people will discover that I am already not in Israel but rose again from the east. I could not be born in Israel and go from Israel, and after still be born in Israel because my work is to lead the whole earth. And also the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west so I descended in the east and brought the Canaan to the people in the east. I will bring all people on the earth to the Canaan, so I am still speaking in the Canaan and by my word I am controlling the whole world. At this moment, except in the Canaan, there is no light on the whole earth, all people are living under the threatening of hunger and cold. I gave my glory to Israel and again I took my glory away from Israel, so I brought the Israelites to the east and also brought all people to the east, to the "light". And let all people meet the light again and make friends with the light and no more seeking for the light. I will let all the people who are seeking see the light again and see the glory of mine in the Israel. Let them see I have already come among men on the clouds. Let them see the clouds and the abundant fruits and much more see Israel's God Jehovah. Let them see the "teacher" of the Jews, let them see the Messiah whom people are longing for and see the whole picture of how the kings and rulers persecuted me. I will do the work all over the world and I will start the great project and reveal all my glory to the people who are living at the end of time and reveal all my work to them as well. I will let my glorious countenance appear to the people who have been waiting for me for many years, to the people who are longing for me to come back on the clouds, to the Israelites who are expecting me to appear again and to the whole human being who persecuted me. Let everyone know that I have taken my glory away and bought it to the east and it is no more in Judea because the end of time has already come!

I am doing my work all over the world. In the east it is just like the thunderbolt crashing again and again and all the denominations and sects are shaken. It is my Word that leads people to today and I let people all be conquered by my word and fall into this current and all surrender in front of me because I have already withdrawn my glory from all the earth and let it appear again in the east. Who is not longing to see my glory? Who is not expecting my return? Who is not looking forward to seeing me to appear again? Who is not missing my love? Who will not come into this light? Who can not see the abundance of the Canaan? Who is not longing for the return of "the Savior"? Who is not looking up to the one with great power? My Word will be spread to all the earth and I will speak more to the elect of mine, just as the great thunder shaking the mountains and the rivers. I am speaking to all the earth and also to man. So my Word becomes the treasure of man and all people treasure my Word. The lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west and my Word makes people hard to leave and they can not fathom my Word, my Word gives them joy. Like the newborn baby, everyone is glad and joyful and celebrates my coming, because of my word, I will bring all men to me. Since then I come among men formally and let all men come and worship me. Because of the appearing of my glory and my Word, let all people come to me and see that the lightning comes from the east and I have descended on the "mount of Olive" in the east and come to the earth. I am not "the son of the Jews" any more but the lightning from the east because I had already resurrected from the death and left the earth and again I appeared among men with my glory. I am the one worshipped by man before the ancient time, I am also the abandoned baby of Israel before the ancient time, much more I am the glorious Almighty God today! Let all men come to my throne and see my glorious countenance, hear my Word, watch my accomplishment. This is the whole of my will, this is the ultimate of my plan, the climax, it is also the purpose of my management, let every nation worship, every tongue confess, every people believe and all men return and surrender to me!

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