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Eastern Lightning Writings:

Three pieces of warnings

As a believer, you should be loyal to God in everything and everything you do can suit God's heart. Everybody knows such a truth. Only because of people's many difficulties, for example, people's ignorance, error or corruption, these simple and base truth to people can't be completely seen on people. So before I decide your ending I should tell you something first. These things are very important to you. Before I say out these things you should know such a question first. My words are the truth that refers to mankind not state only for someone or some people. So you can accept my words from the angle of the truth and your attitude must be sincere and concentrated. Don't ignore every word of my words and all the truth I say. Don't treat my words with ignorance. In your life I see that you do a lot of things that are not related with the truth. So I require especially that you all should do the servants of the truth. Don't do the servants of the evil and ugly. Don't trample the truth and sully every corner of God's family. This is what I'll warn you. Let me say the problems I'll say as follows:

First, so as to your fate you should be accepted. That is, since you admit that you are a member of God's family, then you should make God rest assured of you in every way and you should satisfy him with everything. That is to say to do everything with principles and cope with the truth. If you can't do so then you are the one who God hates and all people cast aside. Once you are fallen down to such state, they you can't be said to be a member of God's family. This is so called that you can't be adopted.

Second, you should know God loves honest person. God has the essence of sincerity. So his words are worthy of trusting what he does can't be nit-pick and is indubitable. So he likes the person who is absolutely honest to him. So-called "honest" is that you can give your heart to God. Do not lie to him in everything and open to him. Do not hide the fact and do not cheat anybody. Do not do the things that can only flatter God. Anyway, honest is that there's no mixture during doing things and speaking. Do not cheat God or others. But what I say is very simple, but it's so difficult to do. Many people would rather go to the hell than say honest words and do honest things. There's no doubt that I treat the dishonest people in other way. Of course I know how difficult you can be honest. For you are flexible and good at gauging the heart of a gentleman with your own mean measure. So my work will be much simpler for you each do things in your own ways. Ok! I'll put each of you to the disaster to accept the "fire" training and then you'll believe in my words "deadly". At last I pull these words "God is faithful" from your mouth. Then you will cry beating your breast and say "people's hearts are so tricky." What feeling will you have? You can't be proud like now or "deep and enigmatic". Someone is very well disciplined before God and very "honest" but engages in sabre rattling before Spirit. Can you list these people in the group of the honest? If you're hypocrite and good at "communication" then I say you are definitely a fool. If your words have any explanation and useless statement, then I say you're a person who is not willing to performance the truth. If you have so many secrets, and you can't open your mouth, and you are not willing to open your own secrets to seek for the bright path of life, then I say you're difficult to be saved and will be in the darkness that you can't show your head or your feet. If you like to seek for the path of the truth, then you often live in the light. If you're willing to be a servant in God's family, without attracting public attention, diligence and conscience, without extortion, and only with devotions then I say you're a loyal sacred believer for you don't ask for anything but only act as an honest person. If you are willing to be frank, if you are willing to spend all, if you're willing to lose your life and stand the testimony, if you are honest and only know to satisfy God but don't know to think of yourself or extort anything, then I say these people are the ones who are moistened in the light and will exist in the kingdom forever. You know whether you have real faith or not, whether real loyalty, or suffering record or absolute obedience. If you don't have these then you still have disobedience, deception, greed and complain because your heart is not honest so you can never gain God's praise and never live in the light. What on earth a person's fate will be is to see whether he has an honest and red heart or whether has a pure spirit or not. You are not honest and evil-hearted and have dirty spirit. The record of your fate must be in the place of punishment. If you say you are very honest but you never do the things coping with the truth, never can say honest words then are you waiting for God to bestow you? Do you still hope God regards you as the pupil of his eyes? Isn't it an absurd thought? You cheat God in every matter then can God's family bear you, a person whose hands and feet are not clean?

Third, I tell you: everybody has done some deeds that say against and deceive God in your life of believing in God. But in some matters you can not be recorded a demerit, but in others you can't be forgiven for there are some which defend the "administration" that is defend God's temperament. Many people who care for their own fate will ask what things these are. You must know your nature is arrogant and not to obey the facts willingly. So I'll tell you slowly after you think it over. I persuade you should know contains of the "administration" with care and know God's temperament carefully. Otherwise you can't shut up your mouth, and you'll talk irresponsibly and indulge in loud and empty talk. Then defend God's temperament without notice and fall in the darkness without notice. You lose the Holy Spirit and the light because you do things lack of principles. The matter you shouldn't do but you do and the words you shouldn't say but you said then of course you will get the retribution. You must know you do things without principles but God does with principles. You get the retribution because you offend God, not a person. In your life, if you defend God's temperament many times, then you are absolutely the sons of the hell. To people, maybe you only do several pieces of matter that are not compatible with the truth. Only this! But do you know that in God's eyes you've already had no sacrifice for you've already defended God's administration not only one time and you don't have intention to regret and turn back? So you have to fall into the hell where God punishes people. Small part of people did some deeds that disobey the principles during following God. And later they are tackled and leaded, and then they find their corruption without notice and enter the practical right path and till now still earnest and down-to-earth. These are the ones who will be left at last. But the ones I want are honest people. If you are an honest person and a person who does matters in principle then you can be God's intimate friend. If you don't defend God's temperament when you do matters and seek for God's will and have respectful heart then your "faith" is up to standard. Those who don't respect God or fear God are very easy to defend God's administration. There're so many people who serve God with warm heart. They don't know God's administration or know the inner meaning of God's words with warm heart they always do some things which disturb God's manage and if it's serious they are expelled out of the door. You don't have any chance to follow God and are thrown into the hell and there's nothing with God's family. These people do God's family's work with their ignorant heart and at last they defend God's temperament. People develop the styles that they serve the government authorities in God's family and wish to use it freely, but finally they're surprised to see that God's temperament is not like the sheep, but like the lion. So people who get along with God at the first time can't promote understanding with God because God's heart is different from people's heart. Only after you know a lot of truth, you'll know God continually. Such understanding is not the dead word or the theory but the treasure that you can know God heart-to-heart and is the sign that God loves you. If you don't have the practice of understanding and are lack of the equipment of the truth then your warm-hearted serve can only cause God's hatred and disgusting. Now you can know that believing in God is not to study the theology. Although the words I warn you are not too much, I say these are the things you're lack of the most. You should know that I speak now for my last work among people and for deciding people's endings. I'm neither willing to do more useless work nor lead those who are like the rotten wood nor guide those who have evil intentions. Perhaps one day you'll know the inner meaning of those words I say and my devotion to mankind. Perhaps one day you'll realize a truth to decide your own ending.

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