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The Characteristics of the Eastern Lightning Cult at Its Different Stages (or Phases) and Our Countermeasures       中文

The First Stage: (1993 or 1994-1996) The primitive stage.

They dropped their books Lightning That Comes from the East at the doors or in the yards of the homes of church leaders they knew. Sometimes money was put between the pages to attract people to read the books.

The Second Stage:
(1996) The violent stage.

They lured coworkers away from their homes with the invitation of praying for people. Once the coworkers were away from their homes, they would be threatened by force to accept the Female Christ. The ones who resisted were beaten, maimed or poisoned by poison in drinking water.

The Third Stage:
(1997-1999) The sexual enticement stage.

They lured coworkers into confinement during which period they imposed sexual seduction on them.

Example one: During the confinement of the coworkers, attractive EL women were sent to seduce them. If the women couldn’t achieve their goals, they would try every means to put the coworkers’ hands on their shoulders for some other EL members to take photos. Then they would blackmail or defame the coworkers with these pictures.

Example two: The EL sent attractive women of theirs to house church believers’ families where there were single male family members (at this stage, the EL had not yet developed their spying and “road paving” strategy). The EL women would express their admiration and love to the target men. They would express willingness to serve the Lord and to marry the men. Very soon they would have the men having sexual relationships with them, and they would use this as evidence to blackmail them. If these men accepted the Female Christ in the end, they were also expected to take more people from their churches to join the EL. If they refused to do so, they and their families would be defamed, and they would end up having no place in the church.

The Fourth Stage:
(2000) The crafty stage.

Here the EL shifted their focus to the attack of church leaders and zealous believers.

Step 1: The EL members would pretend to have come from the three-self church, the criers or any other unhealthy denomination. Under the guise of seeking the truth, they would hide like a lamb in the target church for 9 to 12 months, learning to sing the songs and say the prayers. At the same time, they would spread some reports like, “In my home church, there are still many believers who don’t know the truth.” But they would not invite any coworkers to preach at this stage.

Step 2: They would try to determine the relationships between believers in the church (such as where tension or conflict exists; how the church treasury is managed; what the church leaders’ source of income is…), and find out who are zealous and who truly love God. (The EL only focuses on the zealous believers in the church. In their work manual, they teach their spies to spot those who “don’t fall asleep in church meetings, take notes while listening to the preaching, learn new songs quickly, are willing to arrange chairs in the church…” and also those house church coworkers who have a passion for the doctrine of “justification by faith.” They also teach how to attack house church coworkers.)

Step 3: They would offer an invitation after about 9 to 12 month’s time by saying, “in my home church, there are still many believers who don’t know the truth,” or “there are callings from Macedonia.” They would name those they want to invite: those who they know are zealous and passionate coworkers.

Step 4: Once they got the coworkers to another town, they would do their best to separate them so that they could not work together.

Step 5: Now the coworker is alone. If he is a brother, they will give him sexual stimulants and mind-altering drugs. Once the brother goes to knock on the door of the female EL believer’s room at night time that will become the proof the EL can hold against him. Because he is already drugged, the EL would say he is demon possessed, and that the demon of immorality had been passed to him from his church leader. In this way they will stir up in the brother’s heart hatred towards his church leader.

Step 6: When the coworker is preaching or ministering, some EL member will pretend to be demon possessed. The coworker will try to cast out the demon in Jesus’ name, and it will not work (because it’s a performance, of course the “demon” will not leave). Then in some occasions, the EL will ask the coworker to give his money so that they can send the possessed person to the hospital. In this way, they are able to get all the money out of the coworker’s pockets, and leave him no way of escape. On some other occasion, an EL member will walk into the scene, and the possessed person will immediately have convulsions at the sight of this member, and the demon will flee and say, “This is the true light.” In this way they completely confuse the coworker, and lead him to doubt the Lord he had trusted.

Step 7: The EL member who is able to “cast out the demon” now starts to preach his doctrines to the coworker to confuse his mind. At this stage he will preach that the kingdom of Christ has come; that the Almighty God (female Christ) has already come; and that the forerunner of the female Christ was Witness Lee, etc. What they want to achieve now is to completely change the perspectives of the coworker through brain washing.

Step 8: The EL will send one of their members to pretend to be a seeker of truth and ask the coworker to preach to him. They will examine the coworker’s preaching to see if he is still preaching justification by faith or the EL “three steps of God’s work.” Then they can tell the result of their brain washing effort.

Step 9: To female house church coworkers, the EL will pretend to have had a dream of the story of Ruth, and interpret it as God asking the sister to get into the bed of a certain EL man. If the sister doesn’t accept this, the EL will send one man to seduce her or rape her. Then they would threaten to defame her and to tell her family of her scandal, so that she will give up completely and remain in the cult to serve them.

Step 10: Those coworkers who have already accepted the EL teaching are assigned to take EL spies with them back to their home church. Before they leave, they must swear that if they ever betray the EL, they will die a tragic death. In this way, these people are filled with fear, and will never dare to betray the EL.

Step 11: These coworkers who now have changed ground are assigned by the EL to go back to their own home churches to invite other leaders so as to recruit them through the whole process described above. Because these coworkers used to be passionate servants of the Lord, many house church leaders and major coworkers have accepted their invitations without any doubt, and ended up in snares. This has hurt many house churches deeply. The consequence is that the trust shared by many house church coworkers has been greatly undermined.

The Fifth Stage:

The EL has already started their preparation for this. The details of this stage are not clear yet, but it will certainly be more deceptive.

How to Prevent the EL:

Inform the church of the tactics of the EL, and keep everybody on guard, knowing these things are not far away but are close by us. Pray fervently that the Lord will destroy Satan’s power. Pray that God will cause the EL to fight with each other from within.

Coworkers who often travel should take special care not to accept invitations for ministry carelessly. Discern carefully when working with other coworkers who you have not recently had fellowship with. When ministering away from home, try to contact your family often to keep them informed of your status.

Become informed of the secret practices of the EL (for an example: how they do their spying out or “road paving”; what are the different ways they adopt to witness to and entice different countryside house church movements, etc.)


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