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Full Report: Part 1        中文


On April 16, 2002, thirty four top leaders of China Gospel Fellowship (CGF) were kidnapped by the Eastern Lightning Cult (the EL) who claimed to be from the Singapore Haggai Leadership Institute, in the name of leadership training. This event has caused great concern among fellow Christians both in and outside of China.

Soon after the kidnapping, the remaining CGF top leaders and the family members of the victims reported the case to a related governmental body in Beijing. During that time, we declined any interviews offered by both Chinese and overseas friends. Neither did we disclose any details in relation to the April 16 event. We did this out of concern for our political environment, the security of family members of the kidnapped, and for the efforts the PSB were making in resolving the case. We sincerely ask for understanding from all fellow Christians.

There have been different reports about this event circulated through the Internet and other media, but most of them have been rumors blowing around without much accuracy. However, these reports have achieved some positive results. Because of them, the news of the kidnapping was spread across the world rapidly, and many brothers and sisters were informed and became sincerely concerned. Many fellow believers who had never heard of us started to pay close attention to our situation and devoted themselves to earnest fasting and prayers for us, revealing the greatness of the love of Christ.

With the fervent prayer-support of fellow Christians in and outside of China, with the great effort of the police along with the cooperation of CGF coworkers, all the leaders who had been confined have now been gradually released. The case is now reaching its end. Therefore, we have composed this report to give an account of all the details related to this event, and to express our sincere appreciation to all friends and fellow Christians who have been concerned about us.

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