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Full Report: Part 2        中文

Evil Schemes Conceived

This is how it happened: Brother Yang, a minister from a house church in Pingdingshan City, He Nan Province, received a call from Ai Yan Ling, a minister from a house church in Yuzhou city, He Nan Province, on April 28th, 2001. Ai said that Sister Li Shu Xia of the church in Yuzhou(both Ai and Li were EL spies) had an older brother Lian, a very godly preacher, who had just come back from Singapore and desired to meet some house church ministers and to talk with them. Yang agreed to go to Yuzhou to meet Mr. Lian in two days.

Two days later, Brother Yang went to Yuzhou City, taking a coworker Brother Jia with him. Ai and Li took them to the house of a relative of Lian’s, where they met Mr. Lian, his wife and his daughter Lian Lili. From the conversation, they learned that Mr. Lian was the general secretary of the Singapore Haggai Leadership Institute. He owned two companies in Beijing and Guangzhou respectively. Apart from his living expenses, he gave all the rest of his income to Haggai Institute. His wife and his daughter both were serving in the Institute. This Institute had been cooperating with the TSPM (Three Self Patriotic Movement) and CCC (China Christian Council) for a long time, training teachers and pastors for Chinese churches. Mr. Lian said, “Our Institute has a great burden for Chinese house churches, and we are willing to help Chinese house churches train leaders; at the same time, leaders from Chinese church are very welcome to study theology at the Singapore Haggai Leadership Institute.” Afterwards, Mr. Lian asked Brother Yang about the spiritual condition of mainland house churches. Brother Yang said, “House churches grow very rapidly. There is a great number of believers, but a small number of teachers and pastors. At present the teachers and pastors are weak in theological foundations. They need more training.” Hearing about this fact, Mr. Lian proposed to go back and inform their Institute about this and see if the Institute could train house church ministers through legal channels. Mr. Lian asked Yang to write a résumé to cover his church office, family and church status, desire for training, phone number, picture, and a photocopy of his ID card. He also added that the résumé had to be signed by Yang’s leader to be valid. Mr. Lian hoped that Brother Yang could discuss the training program with other house church ministers and the leaders of China Gospel Fellowship. To make himself available, Brother Yang left his phone number with Mr. Lian. Then he went back to Ping Ding Shan city to meet one of the CGF top leaders, Shen, to tell him the whole story of his conversation with the general secretary Lian of the Haggai Institute. Shen expressed that the training program could be considered, but he would not make any decision until he met Mr. Lian in person.

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