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Full Report: Part 3        中文

The Wily Guiles

On June 2001, in Ping Ding Shan city, Brother Yang received another call from this general secretary Lian of the Haggai Institute. Over the phone, Mr. Lian said that he was back in mainland China again, and he hoped to meet and talk to Brother Yang once more in Ying Yang city, He Nan Province. Lian left his daughter’s pager number with Yang. Yang called Shen soon afterwards, and the two of them agreed to go to Ying Yang together. At Ying Yang Railway Station, the person who responded to their call and came to pick them up was a man in his twenties. He took Yang and Shen to a family in the suburbs, where they met the three members of Mr. Lian’s family who had been there waiting for a long time. Brother Yang introduced Shen to Mr. Lian. The content of the conversation this time was about the same as the last meeting, mainly about the advance of the Gospel in Mainland China and the training of coworkers. Mr. Lian said, “The Institute has consented to receive a few house church coworkers for its three-month leadership trainings. Each candidate should hand in a résumé (with a photo) along with an application letter, and both documents were to be signed by their leaders to be valid. The Institute also offered to send people to Mainland China to help house churches train workers in response to the great need.” Shen answered, “That is a most welcome suggestion. House church leaders are carrying very heavy responsibilities, and many of them feel inadequate. If they have this opportunity to get equipped in the Word, it’ll be far better than anything else.” Mr. Lian replied, “I will faithfully report to the Institute about your need. As far as when to start, it can only be decided after I go back and talk to President Haggai.” When it was time to say good-bye, Mr. Lian proposed to lift up this matter in prayer and wait for God’s grace.

However, one year quickly passed after this Ying Yang meeting, and no news whatsoever about this matter was ever heard again, and this training issue nearly slipped out of everybody’s mind.

On March 4th, 2002, in Ping Ding Shan city, Brother Yang unexpectedly got a call from Mr. Lian from Guangzhou. Recognizing it was Mr. Lian’s voice, Brother Yang was very surprised because his phone number had been changed a long time ago. Mr. Lian explained on the phone that he got Brother Yang’s number from Ai Yanlin in Yu Zhou City. He called because he wanted Shen’s phone number. At that moment, Brother Yang suspected him and did not tell him Shen’s phone number. Immediately after that, Brother Yang went to meet Shen. Just when they were about to finish discussing the matter, Mr. Lian called Yang again. Yang let Shen answer the phone. On the phone Mr. Lian said, “The Institute has made some decisions concerning the training. It’s necessary for us to meet and talk about this in detail.” Shen agreed to bring some coworkers to meet him. Meanwhile, Brother Yang noticed that although Mr. Lian had said he was in Guangzhou, his cell phone number was a local number. So Brother Yang went to the local mobile phone service and found out that the owner of that cell phone was called Zhang Hong. Brother Yang called Mr. Lian and asked him what the true story was. Mr. Lian replied that Zhang Hong was one of his friends in Ping Ding Shan. Zhang worked for Mr. Lian’s company in Guangzhou after he was laid off. Mr. Lian called Yang with this friend’s cell phone. In this way, all doubts that Brother Yang and Brother Shen had were removed. The number of the cell phone that Mr. Lian used then was 138-3751-8267. Since Mr. Lian asked to meet Shen, Shen called another Shen, leader of the Fellowship. At the appointed time, the two of them went to the family in Yingyang where Shen met Mr. Lian last time. Again they met Mr. Lian and his daughter, as well as a man who claimed to be Edward Yu, Vice President of the Singapore Haggai Leadership Institute. “President Yu” brought greetings from the Institute, saying that the purpose of this trip was to communicate with the CGF coworkers and confirm the leadership-training plan with them. They explained the reason why there had been a one year break in their contact. It was because people in the Institute had disputes about recruiting students from Mainland China; over this, Lian and his daughter had gone through a lot of stress. As a result of the meeting, they decided to recruit 34 students who could go to Singapore for the training in turn, with 2 or 3 people in each team. As for the exact times, places and specific approaches, they had yet to work out these issues until after discussions with President Haggai.

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