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Full Report: Part 4        中文

A Trap for All

On April 13th, President Yu, Mr. Lian and his daughter, and the lady from the Finance Department of the Haggai Institute came once again together to Ying Yang, He Nan Province, to meet with the two Shens and Zhang, top leaders of the Fellowship. President Yu said, “Having been praying and waiting for one year, our Institute anticipated that religious policy in China would be more lenient after China joined the WTO, so that leaders from the Fellowship could have opportunity to be trained in the Singapore Haggai Leadership Institute. However, the present domestic situation shows that after China joined the WTO, its religious policy would tend to be more strict. It’s said that the Beijing Government has passed a trial draft law of religion administration, and that house churches everywhere across the country are now forced to register. The ones that are not registered will be banned. For you to go to Singapore now would take such a long time to process all the passports. Therefore, in order to meet your need, we have decided to make the best use of the opportunity to hold a one-month training for you in April.” Shen and the other coworkers said it was too short notice, for a lot of ministries had been already arranged, and the established work schedule couldn’t be disrupted. They suggested the training be postponed to July if possible. President Yu, however, insisted, “Now is the best time for the training. Again, the domestic situation in July could have changed so much as to allow no such training to be carried on.” Seeing the eagerness and sincerity of the Haggai people, CGF coworkers reluctantly agreed to accept this training, but they shortened the training session to three weeks. Thus it was decided.

President Yu said, “There will be thirty coworkers from Watchman Nee’s group to study with you this time. It’s not secure for so many people to stay in one place, so we have decided to locate the training to six different places, namely: Shanghai, Zhong Xiang City in Hu Bei Province, Qing Dao City in Shan Dong Province, Ren Qiu City in He Bei Province, Xi’an City, Shaan Xi Province and Jin Zhou City in Liao Ning Province.” Their explanation was that there were several families in the six places, who had very good relationships with the Haggai Seminary, and all of their relatives were in Singapore, and the families were Christians secretly. They had gained certain status in society, therefore they could guarantee security for the training. Trainees should pay the round trip tickets for themselves, while expenses during the training would be paid by the Institute. There would be 12 trainees in each place: six CGF people, another six from Watchman Nee’s Little Flock. The purpose of this arrangement was for CGF coworkers to bring some good influence to the Little Flock people who were quite conservative. In each place, teachers from the Haggai Institute would be paired up with Chinese coworkers trained in the Haggai Institute to host the training. It was decided for all trainees to register on April 16th, and the trainings would start on the 17th. They also left contact phone numbers for the six places. Due to the lack of background knowledge of the Institute, the three CGF leaders had some discussion and decided to assign at least one core coworker (the top leaders) of the Fellowship to each of the six different places, in case doctrinal disagreement occurred, these top leaders could keep the situation in control and take good care of the rest of the coworkers. President Yu specially requested that the two Mr. Shens go to Shanghai, for they had decided to locate the temporary headquarters of the training in Shanghai. President Yu would be directing the whole training, while his two assistants would go on a tour of inspection around the six different places.

At the time to say good-bye, President Yu emphasized two issues: first, for the coworkers’ security, they had decided that no participant of this training was to use his own cell phone. One new cell phone in each place will be arranged for everyone to share. Second, he hoped that CGF leaders would not use their own cell phone to inform their coworkers about the training, because cell phones were easily bugged. He suggested the leaders use public IC phones to inform others, in order to avoid any trouble and to secure the success of the training.

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