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Full Report: Part 5        中文

Trapped in the Lion’s Den

As soon as they went back to Zheng Zhou, the three leaders called the leaders of their different sending churches to inform them of the training. They asked the participants to make one-month work arrangements and to trust as much of their work as possible to others, so that they could concentrate well during the training. They asked them to get to the training places on April 16th. Amazingly, every one of the coworkers who were supposed to attend the meetings arrived at the appointed places on time. Not one was absent. They called the appointed number after they got off the train, and certain people would come to meet them or pick them up.

From what we heard later, the same thing happened in the six places on the evening of 16th. Just before it got dark, several Singaporean teachers came and created a horrific atmosphere by claiming that the situation was tense outside, or that our whereabouts had been found out, or that our cell phones had been tracked according to inside information from the police station, and so on and so forth. Taking the advantage of the people’s fear, they suggested separating our coworkers into groups. Every six trainees constituted a group in each place: two CGF coworkers and four from the Little Flock (two male and two female); besides, there were two teachers, a watchman and a cook. All together there were ten people in each group. At first they were divided into 17 groups in 17 different places. Meanwhile, they said that for security’s sake, they needed to take all the leaders’ cell phones away and keep them for the coworkers. Immediately, some CGF coworkers became suspicious about the way they were handling the situation, but considering that they were Singaporean, they understood it as excessive carefulness due to over sensitivity to the political atmosphere in China. They figured there could not be any other problems, so they let down all of their suspicion and guard.

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