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Full Report: Part 6        中文

The Trap Given Away

Between April 16th and 18th, trainings in each place started early or late. The contents were very much the same in each place except Shanghai. The first lesson was the introduction to the Singapore Haggai Leadership Institute. Its HQ was said to be in Singapore, and it was said to have six branch-institutes. The purpose and guidelines of the Institute, its training approaches and contents, qualifications of the applicants, as well as the scope of their recruiting, etc. were also covered. When they started to talk about Mainland China, the teachers said, “Students we have trained are from all over the world. But the number we trained for Mainland China is relatively fewer, only 22 so far. The Institute expects to train more leaders for the Mainland in the future.” Later they added, “Most of our work in the Mainland has been done in cooperation with TSPM and CCC, but it’s an exception this time. Here we are working with the often-persecuted house church to help you train leaders. We desire to select from among you the best ones and send them to the Singapore Haggai Institute for further training later, then they can carry on the world mission.” In the following days, the subjects of their teaching were: “New service”, “New breakthrough”, “New ministry”, “New visions”, “Understand the present spirituality of the church”, “Renewal”, “Abundance of life”, “The unity of the church”, etc. In some places, they taught from “Genesis” to “Revelation”. They purposely taught those subjects to prepare the way for what they would teach later.

While listening to the lectures, many coworkers recognized that what they taught was too extreme. For an example, they emphasized the abundance of life, but were strongly against having theological knowledge. They stressed the unity of the church while at the same time attacking many churches with no restraint. They talked a lot about the corruption and weakness of churches, and attacked many church leaders. To many coworkers, the terms these teachers often used simply gave away who they were. Terms they constantly used were such as “God works”, “always new and never old”, “old ideas”, “normal human nature”, “old religion”, “eat and drink of God’s Word”, “God’s management”, “the six-thousand-year plan”, “not conformed to man’s idea”, “a batch of conquerors”, “Satan’s nature”, “work across the whole universe”, “God’s speaking”, “man’s speaking”, “seven times stronger spirit”, “extremely true”, “transparent and shining”, “measure of maturity”, “God doesn’t do repetitive work”, etc. Most of those were terms frequently used by the Shouters who followed Witness Lee. Anyone who had dealt with the EL people would be able to tell that what they were teaching was EL doctrine.

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