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Full Report: Part 7        中文

Freedom Lost

From April 18th to 19th, the coworkers in each place except Shanghai were sure that they were with the EL people. They didn’t realize they were already confined until they asked to leave. From then on, some coworkers started to argue with them; some refused to attend the lectures; some started fasting; some sharply condemned the EL as vile gangsters; while some coworkers kept calm and only listened to what they had to say, so as to figure out their purpose.

When Zhang, one of the core leaders, realized that they were trapped, he knew it was too late for regrets. However, what concerned him the most was not only the safety of the 34 coworkers, but that while the 34 coworkers were in confinement, the EL people would use their names to deceive their families and many other coworkers. This would be much more serious. Thinking of the situation, he couldn’t help but weep, his tears falling like rain and his heart burning. He prayed to God, “Oh, God, please have mercy on us, and forgive us of our ignorance. Please stop it! We have suffered enough for all these years. Our coworkers have been persecuted over and over again, and have gone through all the hardships of their lives. Today, we are even trapped and kidnapped due to our innocence and eagerness to learn the Word. We can’t see what’s lying ahead, or whether we are to live or die. Now we are in the hands of the Eastern Lightning who stop at no evil and have absolutely no restraint in doing anything. Shall our 34 coworkers die in the hands of these wicked people like this? What if they seize the opportunity to deceive more churches in our names? Oh, God, shall the fruits of our twenty years’ labor be destroyed so quickly? If you still remember your glory, please protect all your servants and make a way out for us…”

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