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Full Report: Part 8        中文

God Made a Way

It was the morning of the 19th. With God’s wonderful guidance, sister Zhao, one of the trainees, got a chance and escaped out of the room where she was confined. When the EL people found it out, they immediately sent people out to intercept her from every direction. But because she was quite familiar with that area, and of course because God was shielding her, the EL people failed to find this sister after a whole day’s searching. Finally she escaped the hands of the evil ones. When Sister Zhao got home, the EL people had already been hanging around nearby for a long time, waiting for her, but they did not dare attack her. Sister Zhao called the top leaders at once, and told them that all the other thirty-three coworkers were still confined by the EL. She told them about how she escaped from the meeting place, about her three days’ experience during the confinement, and about how the EL seduced her and made her take drugs. She asked them to somehow rescue the other arrested coworkers as soon as possible. Until this point, it had never occurred to anybody that the teachers from Haggai Institute were all EL people. Now, knowing that more than thirty coworkers had all fallen into the evil hands of the terrorist EL, coworkers just couldn't accept this fact. In no time, the news spread across the families of the kidnapped. Everyone was filled with burning anxiety. They were extremely worried about the lives of their beloved ones, for they knew that the EL was wicked and cruel. Brothers and sisters in churches everywhere didn’t know what to do except to pray to God urgently. They couldn’t send people to look for the kidnapped, for they didn’t know their specific locations; neither could they report the case to the authorities, for they were not sure how the authorities would respond – Christian house churches had always been regarded as illegal, and had often been the targets of government persecution. It was such a dilemma, and they didn’t know who to turn to.

The coworkers recalled what they had been through since the church was established. Never had so many leaders been arrested at once, even when house churches were most severely stricken by the authorities. How can we just let the EL cult wipe us out with such a simple blow? No! God never does anything wrong! He will not let His name be insulted! He would definitely let this seemingly insulting incident work for His own glory, to fulfill His good purpose.

Thank God, He had kept two of our core coworkers from going to this training. On April 21st, these two core coworkers gathered the second-generation coworkers and the family members of the kidnapped leaders together to discuss what they would do for the next step. In the meeting they made decisions on three issues: the first and most important thing was to report the case to the police for the rescue of the kidnapped coworkers. Second, they must inform the churches across the country to beware of the Eastern Lightning’s taking advantage of the situation and destroying the church. Third, they must call for fasting and prayer across the church family to ask God to protect and release the confined coworkers. All who participated in the meeting bowed down on the ground, confessing their sins, praying, worshiping and praising Him. They encouraged each other, keeping each other’s spirits up to accept and face the reality. The kidnapped people were scattered in six different provinces. Since we didn’t know their specific locations, how should we find any clue? What steps should we take to rescue the kidnapped people? Everyone felt upset, and the family members’ feelings were even more indescribable. The coworkers had different ideas, each one saying different things, yet nobody knowing what exactly to do. Thinking about the reality, we were filled with burning anxiety.

Very soon, the news about dozens of CGF coworkers being kidnapped by the EL spread far and wide. Every coworker and minister from home and overseas who heard about it was very concerned for us. They all wanted to know the facts. Some people lifted up their hands and prayed for us; some coworkers came and visited us; some called to comfort and encourage us; some came with support of love. Many people were concerned about how our fellowship was going to survive this calamity. However, while we were suffering, some people took advantage of our suffering, slandering us and condemning us. They purposely promoted themselves to cheat overseas coworkers. Just imagine how hurtful this was to our coworkers!

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