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Full Report: Part 9        中文

Determined to Report the Case

By April 25th there was still no further news. The family members of the kidnapped leaders were completely soaked in sorrow, feeling lost with sadness, and anxious with worry. Many brothers and sisters from home and overseas urged us to report the case. We gathered together again to discuss how to report the case. Should we report individually or as a group? Every one figured that no matter how we would do it, house churches would be exposed. We didn’t know whether God meant to let us keep hiding or if He wanted us to come above ground from underground. Did it mean that we should strive for our freedom by faith? What if they were rescued from the hands of the EL and then turned over to the hands of the police? Even if we were to report, where should we turn? To the Public Security Department of He Nan province? The case didn’t happen in that province. Moreover, for all those years, He Nan Government had been regarding us as a cult, striking us ceaselessly. We hesitated. So all of us came before God once again, and cried out to God desperately. In the end, everyone was moved by the Holy Spirit simultaneously that we should go to Beijing to report the case as a group. Among thousands of thoughts, we finally found a gleam of hope. But who was going to take this critical and dangerous responsibility? Could we let the hoary-headed old man go? Could we let those second generation coworkers go? What if anything happened to them, what were their families going to do? Could we let the relatives of the kidnapped coworkers go by themselves? They couldn’t relate exactly what had happened… At that moment, a sister, one of the core CGF leaders, volunteered to take some family members of the victims to go to Beijing to report the case on behalf of all other families. What the sister did was just like what Esther had done before, violating the law to see the king to save the Jewish nation.

April 26th night, the sister took several utterly exhausted family members of the victims and got on the train to Beijing at eleven. On the train, the sister felt heavily burdened with extreme stress, not knowing what to expect, good or ill luck, blessings or curses. Would God stretch out His golden rod? For the dear coworkers, she had only one desire in her mind – if she perished, she perished, as long as the coworkers could be saved from the evil hands of the wicked ones with the help of the government!

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