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Full Report: Part 10        中文

God Granted His Mercy

Arriving in Beijing on the morning of April 27th, not knowing where to report the case, those sisters had no one to turn to. But thank God that He miraculously arranged Brother Jing to help them while they were desperate. With Jing and his wife’s help, they reported the case to a related department in Beijing. That night, two sisters, as representatives of all, met the officials and told them the whole story about how over 30 people were trapped and kidnapped by the EL cult, and how they had planned this scheme for about one year’s time. At the same time, they clarified the difference between the faith of the genuine house churches and the nature of the Eastern Lightning cult. When they heard about so many people being kidnapped, the officials realized how serious it was, and said, “The fact that your house church could come to Beijing to report the case has shown that you trust the government and know how to protect your rights by means of the law. It’s very right.” So, on that very night, they wrote a report of the case to the higher authority, and asked the leading sister to cooperate with providing clues. The higher authority accepted this case with great sincerity, and swiftly acted upon rescuing the people. They expressed that they would strike relentless blows at the EL cult.

God had finally stretched out His golden rod. At this moment, the group of family members wept, giving thanks to God from the bottom of their hearts, praising His name.

On the afternoon of April 28th, Brother Yang and Brother Jing (confined by the EL in Ren Qiu, He Bei province) came up with a plan. After discussing with each other, Brother Jing went into the bathroom and locked the door. He opened the window and then shouted at the top of his voice, “Help! We’ve been kidnapped by the EL cult for over ten days here. Anybody! Please call the police to get us out of here!” As soon as the EL heard this, it took them no time to break into the bathroom, dragging Brother Jing away and beating him. A crowed soon gathered in front of the house, everybody trying to see what was happening. Knowing they were exposed, the EL members quickly opened the door. Brothers Yang and Jing wasted no time and dashed out, while a few EL members followed to chase them. As soon as they were out of the neighborhood, the two brothers grabbed a taxi and asked the driver to head to Ren Qiu city right away. Soon they overran the EL people who wanted to get hold of them. After asking the driver, they learned that the place they had been confined in was the third residential area of the No. 3 field of the North China Oil Field in He Jian city. After their escape, they went directly to BJ to meet the sisters who were reporting the case there. They told them of their stories, and joined with them to rescue the rest.

May 1, the sisters went from Beijing back to Zheng Zhou. They learned that Eastern Lightning had infiltrated many local churches in different places. The churches were at stake! The coworkers discussed the situation and immediately formed a temporary Administration team to take charge of existing ministries of the Fellowship, an Itinerate team to visit churches disrupted by the EL, and a Rescuing team to assist the families of the kidnapped leaders to report the cases to the local police in provinces where the confinements were happening. Then they all set off to fulfill their different tasks.

May 7th to 8th, a national coworkers’ conference was convened. The leading coworkers narrated all the details of the event to help local church leaders overcome the suspicion they had been holding. They arranged how to take precautions against the disruptions of Eastern Lightning across the church family. They encouraged all coworkers to stand firm with one heart and one mind while God’s family was suffering great calamity and facing threatening foes, so that in unity they can keep the church’s ministries in good order – to comfort family members of the kidnapped, to rescue the kidnapped coworkers, to clearly understand the enemy’s schemes, and to fight a good fight in this spiritual war. Instead of loosing heart in the face of this overwhelming situation, the coworkers were filled with confidence and determination to fight the EL to the death.

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