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Full Report: Part 11        中文

Walking Out of the Valley of Darkness

May 9th and 10th, Brother Xing and Brother Qi came back. They told the coworkers the details of their experiences of being confined by the EL. They related how the EL teachers denied the Bible, how they promoted their Female Christ to replace Jesus the Savior, and how they mistreated our coworkers by vile means such as cheating, threatening, drugs, sexual seduction, etc. Everyone could tell how they had been hurt physically and spiritually. Thinking of the situation of those who were still in the evil hands of the EL, their hearts were deeply broken. They prayed even more earnestly that God would protect His servants.

May 14th, Brother Zhang and another sister came back. They looked thin and pallid, yet their hearts were still so concerned about the church. When they were told that the coworkers had taken precautions against the EL and were keeping the church in good order, they finally felt comforted. They brought back news that the EL people had promised to release all of our coworkers in two days. Everyone was very delighted. However, two days passed, not even one person came back. The Eastern Lightning had fooled us again.

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