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Full Report: Part 12        中文

Evil Nature Revealed

In each place, for the first several days the EL teachers taught about changing the mind based on the Bible. Five days later, they gradually admitted openly that they were of the Eastern Lightning, and what they believed in was the Female Christ, God’s incarnation. When we asked when they accepted this teaching, the teachers who claimed to be from the Haggai Institute said: In 1999, two preachers went to Singapore from Hong Kong and shared God’s work in this last stage to the staff members of the Institute. In 2000, the vice president of the Institute Edward Yu accepted the EL teaching. With President Yu’s strenuous efforts, President Haggai joined the EL in 2001. Since then, the Institute had become the hidden harbor from which the EL overpowered many people. Taking advantage of the fame that the Institute had long enjoyed, they had won over many pastors from all denominations, those who had come to study out of admiration for the prestige of the Institute. These included some Catholic bishops and priests as well. The Institute had also sent many teachers and students to different nations to reap the harvest (note: this is an EL term which means to win converts). In order to conduct this training ministry well, the teachers and students of the Institute had fasted and prayed, not only throwing a lot of finance and efforts into it, but also taking a great risk. So they hoped that we would make the best of this wonderful opportunity, and not let them down. After we learned this, our coworkers felt deeply sorry for the Haggai Institute, that such an illustrious institute would go so far as to embrace this poor cult teaching so easily, and even become the mission center of the Eastern Lightning, trapping and confining people like us who were honest, simple and hungry for truth, even by such despicable means. (Note: later we learned that these were purely stories the EL made up, trying to fool us with the name of the Haggai Institute. Please read their statement here.)

When they preached, they said, “Man shouldn’t limit God by his own mind. God always does things in new ways, not repeating old ways. God’s way doesn’t conform to man’s way, and He purposely does things not according to man’s expectation in order to strike man’s mind. Man can’t limit God with the Bible, for the Bible is dead, but God is alive, and what God does is not restricted by rules in the Bible. For instance, teachers of the law and Pharisees in the old days expected the Messiah to come, but the one who came was Jesus. So they rejected Him, and crucified Jesus on the cross. The church today is also expecting the Second Coming of Christ to rapture the church; however, the one who came is not Jesus, but ‘the Almighty God,’ the Female Christ. She came not to meet the church in clouds, but to become flesh for the second time and speak from the secret place. She came to end the old Era of Grace, and to start the new Era of the Kingdom, judging the believers with her word, subjugating people into the kingdom, and destroying all who don’t believe in the Female Christ. Therefore, people of this age can’t accept the ‘practical God’ who incarnated for the second time, either. As a result, they all will fall under punishment and curses.” They applied mechanically to the Female Christ the unfair treatment Jesus received when He came to the earth the first time, so as to defend her deception.

In order that the Female Christ be perfectly justified and embraced, the EL teachers divided God’s work down through history into three stages:

1. The Era of Law: God’s name was Jehovah. God worked as a spirit. He manifested to people in different ways. His words were the law, and He prophesied through man. Man’s responsibility was to observe the law. However, man couldn’t keep the law or overcome sin.

2. The Era of Grace: God’s name changed to Jesus. God manifested to man by means of incarnation. He worked and spoke in flesh. Man’s responsibility was to know and to believe in Jesus. However, man didn’t believe in Jesus; instead, he condemned Jesus and rejected Him.

3. The Era of the Kingdom: God’s name is the “Almighty One” and “the Practical God.” They said that God incarnated the second time through the Female Christ. Her work was to manifest God’s nature of righteousness, to speak to man, to judge God’s household, to conquer the whole universe, to pour out disasters and destroy the world, and to rule over the earth. The Eastern Lightning substituted the Lord Jesus with “the Practical God,” and replaced the Bible with words of the “Almighty One.” They said man’s responsibility was to follow the female Christ. Only when man obeyed the female Christ and her words completely, and therefore was “subjugated” and became a “victor,” could he then enter into the kingdom that the female Christ established on the earth.

Through this experience, we became sure that the purpose of the EL cult was specifically to destroy any genuine Christian church. Their slogan was to unify all religions through reaping the harvest. They abuse the Bible, misinterpret the Bible and violate what it means. They justify any means to deceive believers. It is indeed an Anti-Christ cult under the façade of Christ.

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