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Full Report: Part 13        中文

Doctrinal Errors of the EL Cult

1. Denial of the authority of the Holy Scriptures inspired by God. They say that the Bible is “old fashioned stuff. It is the obsolete words of God, and is only old history”. They describe those who hold fast to the Bible as being guard dogs of the Bible. To them, many contents of the Pentateuch are human stuff, not God’s words; the historical writings are only some information concerning history, not inspired by God. They accept only the Law of Moses and the prophets as God’s words. As for the New Testament, the contents of the four Gospels are said to be collected by human hands, and only 80% of it is reliable. The letters are said to be written on the basis of personal experiences as well as church conditions during that specific time period; therefore they are not the words of God, but should only be taken as ordinary spiritual books. Paul’s writings are regarded as particularly not reliable. They accept only Revelation as the words of God, but even this is not enough to meet man’s needs now. That is why the Little Scroll, Word Revealed in Flesh by the Female Christ, is revealed. The fact that they replace the holy Bible inspired by God with this Word Revealed in Flesh by the Female Christ shows that they are sparing no effort in blaspheming the Holy Scriptures.

2. Denial of the triune God. They say, “The Bible has never clearly said that God is a triune God. The concept of the trinity is only a human theory. It is a wrong tradition passed down through church history. There is but only one God, and he reveals himself to man with different identities and names in different times.” They indoctrinate people with heresies that God has been Jehovah, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but now He is the female Christ. Their wrong teaching is completely based on the wrong theology of Witness Lee, and their purpose is to undermine man’s faith in God.

3. Denial of the fullness of salvation through the crucifixion of Christ. They say that the redemption provided by Jesus through His incarnation and crucifixion is not complete; otherwise, the second incarnation of the female Christ would not be necessary. They teach that through Jesus’ crucifixion, “the penalty of sin is paid and sins are forgiven”, but believers still can’t “overcome sin” or “be free from sinful nature”; while the work of the female Christ is to speak, to “judge, refine, conquer and fulfill man”, so that man can overcome sin and become holy and victorious. They also deny the fact of Jesus’ resurrection. The female Christ says, “How did the resurrection of Jesus happen? From flesh to death, and then back into his body? How can this be called resurrection? How can such a simple thing be true?” This heresy completely denies the full salvation Jesus accomplished on the cross.

4. Denials of the second coming of Jesus and the rapture of believers. They say that the resurrection of believers refers to the fact that by receiving the work of the female Christ in this end time, believers become spiritually resurrected. Once a man is dead physically, he is said to not be able to experience resurrection, but he can only experience reincarnation and transmigration in the millennium. When talking about the rapture, they would say, “You think Jesus will come on the clouds to meet you? To tell you the truth, the clouds refer to ‘God’s words,’ the second coming refers to the ‘second incarnation,’ while the rapture means to receive and be won over by ‘God’s words’ and therefore walk into the Kingdom.” This illogical spiritualization of the Scripture has radically denied the resurrection, the rapture and the second coming of Jesus. It only promotes the nonsense of the female Christ.

5. Denial of the true existence of God. They say that nobody has ever seen Jehovah, but man has only heard his words. “How many people have seen Jesus?” they questioned us, “You have only heard what His disciples preached. Your faith in God and Jesus is uncertain. It’s only superstition. If the God you have believed in were true and almighty, how come you were deceived and now have fallen into the judgment of the female Christ? You have followed Jesus, suffered for Him and preached Him with such an obsession, why are there still so many divisions and denominations in the church? You have pursued holiness, but why can’t you overcome your own sin yet? These all prove that the God you put your faith in is a vague God. But ‘the Almighty God’ has become flesh once again and is dwelling among us, speaking to us and revealing her nature to us. Now she has invited you to come to participate in the banquet of the kingdom, to eat of God’s words, so that after your flesh has gone through trials, your spirit will be mature enough to be compatible with her work at this stage, to become victorious ones, and to achieve unity in the kingdom. This reveals the practical nature of ‘Almighty God.’” By saying all this, their attempt was to remove Jesus from our hearts, and completely destroy the foundation of our Christian faith.

6. Denials of Heaven, hell and the great tribulation. They teach, “You have a hope of going to Heaven, but where is Heaven? It’s not up in the heavens, but here on earth. When you eat and drink of the words of God, are subjugated by ‘the Almighty God,’ and therefore get into the kingdom, then you are in Heaven. You believe that man will end up in hell if he doesn’t believe in Jesus, but what does going to hell mean? It means if you don’t believe in the female Christ, the Holy Spirit will depart from you, and you will fall into the bondage of the devil. To go to hell means to be cursed and punished in an environment manipulated by ‘the practical God’ (this refers to physical injury and murder practiced by the EL. It’s a hell on earth created by their own hands).” Their purpose of teaching this is to undermine people’s faith, and to rob them of their hope.

7. Denial of the truth of man becoming God’s child through justification by faith. They say, “You could be ‘justified by faith’ in the era of grace, and be ‘born again and saved’ to become God’s children. But the era of grace is over now. We have already entered the era of the kingdom. You must believe in the female Christ and receive her work before you can be justified. Otherwise you will still perish even if you have been preaching your whole life long. The reason why you can’t know ‘the Almighty God’ is because you are not yet free from the corrupt nature of Satan, and you are still the children of the devil, living in sin. You must receive this work of judgment before you can be holy and therefore become the elder sons, the sons or the people in the kingdom of God.”

8. Denials and reversals of historical facts. They condemn Paul, saying that he was a bright man with great talents. With the enlightening of God, he was able to fully perceive and teach about spiritual things. But there was one blemish in his otherwise perfect walk: that is, in his rebelliousness, he spoke directly on behalf of the archangel. That was his fatal problem which caused all his labors to become vain. He finally fell under God’s judgment and perished. They always intentionally promote Peter, saying that Peter had known God to the utmost depth, that he had always been faithful to God and never complained to God, that his life long service had all been pleasing to God, that he had never been used by Satan, and that even Job was not his match. Among all those great people down through church history, Brother Lawrence, Watchman Nee and Witness Lee are the only three recognized by the EL. These three are said to be the forerunners of the female Christ. Here their intention is clearly exposed—to lift up their Powerful One as the pope, and to exalt their female Christ as the Savior.

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