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Full Report: Part 14        中文

Ethical Failures of the EL Cult

1. Very low moral standard. They say the righteousness that comes from the knowledge of “the Almighty God” is higher than the righteousness of one’s own works. They can do anything for the purpose of winning people. The female Christ says that as long as one knows her nature and accepts her work in this last stage, she doesn’t mind errors in his conduct; it is minor in her eyes. The reason why she says this is because she herself often curses people with filthy, malicious words, and curses her parents as offspring of the wolves. Her moral standard is very low. Her indulgence of unbridled behaviors directly leads to the self-willed, wild and wicked conduct of her followers.

2. Habitual lying and deception. The EL members habitually lie, and take lying and deception as God’s wisdom. They give their members specific training on how to lie skillfully. During their course of deception, they can come up with any conceivable tricks. They are like professional actors and actresses who can play any roles in lifelike ways. They can claim themselves to be unbelievers. They used their own members as “ornaments” who pretended to be fellow students with us. They imitated the handwriting of our coworkers to write deceptive letters. They take the guiles of lying as God’s wisdom. They lie to the fullest extent to demonstrate the “practical” nature of their “Almighty God.”

3. Sexual immorality. During this training, they imposed sexual seduction on nearly every one of our kidnapped coworkers. After taking sexual stimulants, their women would go and flirt with our brothers. They wrote love letters to our brothers, expressing their desire to marry them, some even promising to be their mistresses. They exhausted the most seductive flirting words in the world. But out of their fear of God, our brothers rebuked them with God’s words. Some of our brothers noticed EL women sleeping with two male teachers on the same nights. They have become “playthings” in the hands of their teachers as well as immoral tools to corrupt people and to undermine their faith.

4. Destruction of marriages and families. They teach that marriage and family are the result of man’s sin, and that in the Era of the Kingdom, man should abandon his family for the sake of ‘the practical God,’ and leave his family members to serve the female Christ. All who are in the Kingdom are said to be in one family, therefore one EL member can marry any other EL members to form a new family. When we asked them if it was sin to divorce, they said it was a sin in the Era of Grace, but not considered a sin in the Era of the Kingdom. Therefore, men and women who have joined the EL cult all leave their homes and do not return, because their rule says that anyone who is committed to the female Christ is not to be married. It’s hard to estimate how many people have been led into immorality and how many happy families have been broken by this heresy.

5. Contemptible practices. When people resist their teaching, the EL members apply various means to overpower them: They create fear with threats; they try to move people’s hearts with loving services; they hook people with the bait of money; they spread deceptive messages around by assuming other’s names; they put sexual stimulants in people’s tea to stir up their sexual desire beyond what they can endure; they put mind-altering drugs in the food to confuse people’s minds and to destroy their capacity for discernment so as to make them accept the EL teaching; they create an intensified atmosphere to hold people under their control; they pretend to be demons manifesting and speaking; they also pretend to be demon possessed to torture people. In summary, they use any conceivable means to force people to accept their cult teaching. They have indeed justified all means for the purpose of promoting their heresies and winning people.

6. Secretive activities. Their activities are always secretive. They are absolutely submissive to their Powerful One. They have very strict administrative rules that nobody is to violate. Some people would realize the wrong teaching after they join the EL, but they can’t free themselves from the cult for fear of revenge by the EL members. Their whereabouts are secret and hidden. Usually they don’t carry books with them, and wherever they go, they try not to leave any trace behind. They send their converts around into many churches to hide for long terms, to spy out the situation, to find their targets, to build relationships, to entice people, and to seek opportunities to lure people to different EL lairs to be brain washed. They describe this practice as “first spy out, then invite the people for the banquet.” They usually would invite 2 to 5 people at one time, and change the training locations every few days. Every time they change the locations, they will make very careful arrangements so that nobody can escape.

7. Hierarchical terrorist organization. They have very secret and strict organization with very clear hierarchy. From the top down, there are: the Almighty One, the man used by the Holy Spirit, provincial leaders, regional leaders, department leaders, the skillful ones, front line contacts, second line contact, ornaments, etc. They take the words of the female Christ as their highest authority, and exercise very tight control over their members by means of commands and rules, to make sure that their followers absolutely submit to their high priest, Zhao Wei Shan. They keep people in confinement for long periods for the purpose of destroying churches, overthrowing governments and making nations in the world subjected to the power of the female Christ. They buy off local police with women and money, and then indoctrinate them with the EL teaching. Once these officers become EL converts, they will serve the cult, and provide them protection in secret. This has greatly frustrated the governmental effort to crack down on the EL.

8. Violence and blackmail. They threaten, intimidate and coerce those who refuse to believe. In order to overpower people, they share hundreds of testimonies of people suffering curses as a result of opposing the female Christ. Some of these testimonies were purely made up, some were “true incidents” that happened under circumstances manipulated by the EL, such as traffic accidents, poisonings, being burnt by fire, being maimed and suffering theft, etc. On one hand they emphasize that one should believe in the circumstances; while on the other hand, they themselves create horrifying circumstances to intimidate their victims so that they will take their threats seriously and believe in ‘the Almighty One.’ One of our brothers opposed the EL so strongly that one EL teacher threatened that they’d confine him in the basement for 20 years; but the brother replied, “I’m not going to accept your teaching even if you keep me there for 30 years.”

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