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Full Report: Part 15        中文

Triumphant Return

While they confined the two brothers Shen in Shang Hai, they taught about church history and some books of the Bible for the first 20 days, and didn’t show any sign of the EL teaching. However, in the other five places they started the EL teaching from the 5th day of the confinement. Their purpose in doing so was to settle down the two leaders first. Then they soothed the rest of the team with a letter written by these two leaders. They also imitated the handwritings of the two and wrote, “The two Mr. Shens have received the teaching very well.” Their attempt was to fool the rest of the team in the other five locations, to make them think, “If our two top leaders have received, why should we resist?” Some coworkers indeed let down their guard as a result. After twenty days, they started to indoctrinate the two Shens with the EL teaching, but the strategy of these two was to not listen, not think, not read, not argue and not believe. When the EL had run out of other means, they applied a sex trap, but the two Shens saw through their snares and rejected them. As for the man who claimed to be Edward Yu, the head of the Singapore Haggai Institute, he was sharply rebuked by Brother Shen on May 6, and sneaked out at that time (this was only a false Edward Yu posed by an EL member).

Two other core leaders pretended to have received the EL teaching, and consented to cooperate with the EL, so they gained the trust of the EL and were released in advance. After they came back home, they started to work with their own CGF coworkers to rescue the rest of the confined leaders. They adopted the policy of “being shrewd to the crooked,” and their plan was to “pay back the EL with their own coins.” On one hand, they stopped the gradually released coworkers from participating in any ministry in the church, and had people keep them well watched, so as to create a tense atmosphere. On the other hand, they kept informing the EL about the pressing situation and forced them to release more people. Meanwhile, they worked with the police by providing them clues and urging them to solve the case. On the whole, their purpose was to put pressure on the EL so that they would release the coworkers as soon as possible. Their efforts achieved very positive results, and the EL started to release the kidnapped coworkers gradually.

May 17, two more core leaders, Brother Jing and Brother Wang were released. Brother Xing and Qi went to see them. They shared with each other their experiences during the confinement, and a great burden for the released brothers arose in their hearts. They didn’t take the time to see their own families, but immediately decided that each of them should go and visit different released coworkers. With what they had learned from their own experiences, they exposed the El schemes, disclosed their vile practices, and de-brainwashed the coworkers and cleaned the EL poison from their minds.

May 25, the released coworkers met in Zheng Zhou to have fellowship with each other. They discussed together how to rescue the remaining confined brothers as well as how to set up precautionary measures against the EL. They agreed with one heart and one mind that they would rescue those still confined and protect the released and their families. There were a few brothers who became ill as a result of the confinement, and some were poisoned. The coworkers decided to have them receive proper medical treatment. Decisions about the present ministry of the church like coworker training and missionary sending were also made during the meeting.

June 3, the two brothers Shen came back. They had been so tormented and become very skinny and weak. At that time, they figured it was the end of the church family, imagining that all the coworkers had been won over by the EL. Praise be to God! When they learned that there were only five who were still held, and that all the released had hardly been affected by the EL, their hearts felt a little bit comforted.

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