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Full Report: Part 16        中文

Rally the Forces

June 7-8, the core leaders of our Fellowship had a meeting in Wu Han, discussing our next step as well as how to restore the ministry of the kidnapped coworkers. We decided that when everyone was released, we would call for a nationwide coworkers meeting, so that our core leaders could give an account of the details of the April 16 incident to coworkers from different places and thereby gain their understanding.

June 10, forty missionary couples who had been sent to different places across China all came back. They had heard about the confinement of the leaders from different sources. Now they came to meet in a certain location in He Nan province, all carrying in their hearts suspicion, uncertainty and disappointment. There were their teachers (this is how they call their leaders), weary and feeble, wan and sallow, standing on the platform heavily burdened, yet they still greeted and encouraged everybody with such loving kindness and steadfast strength. Tears burst out from the coworkers’ eyes. Here were the teachers that they had been so worried about, yet despite the fact that they did look a bit older and feebler, their burden for missions and their love and concern for all the missionaries had not been affected in the least way.

June 11, Brother Lian and Brother Wei (core leaders) were released. Instead of taking any rest, they headed for the missionaries’ meeting straight away to meet with the coworkers. Their coming back brought more comfort to the church family. One thing for which we are very thankful is that while we were going through our most difficult time, God answered the prayers of our core leaders, and amazingly provided half a year’s expenses for our missionaries. He met our very pressing needs, and didn’t let these missionaries who had labored and run so hard for Him in the field go back empty-handed.

June 14, owing to the prayer support of brothers and sisters in and outside of China, with every rescuing effort our coworkers had given, and with the forceful pressure the police had put on the EL, all 34 victims of the April 16 incident were finally released. All coworkers (except one brother from Shan Xi) had been able to stand strong against all kinds of temptations, and refused to be deceived by the EL teaching. The various ministries of our fellowship hadn’t suffered significant loss either. This is God’s great grace upon us. Glory be unto God!

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