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Full Report: Part 17        中文

The Jubilant Celebration

June 21, over 100 coworkers, including those from over 20 sending churches and every one of the released coworkers, met together with great joy at a place in the Central Plains. With the joy of reunion after the long separation, all shared their deeply cherished longing for each other in the Lord. They poured out their thankfulness and praises to God for His deliverance and protection.

At the beginning of the meeting, our core leaders first apologized to all coworkers for the mistakes they had made in arranging the April training. They asked God for forgiveness and the coworkers for acceptance. They exposed the deceptive schemes of the EL, and explained the details about how the whole incident had happened. They also pointed out the errors of the EL teaching in the light of the Bible.

In order to sort out the EL spies from among us, and in order to confirm that we have nothing to do with the EL and that the EL has no place among us, our coworkers went one by one to the front. With the same deep indignation towards the false teachers that was shared by Paul in the book of Galatians, and in the name of Jesus, they cursed the female Christ, the “Practical God” who had claimed to be God in His second incarnation. They also cursed the EL followers who were serving the female Christ, and bound the evil spirit behind the cult. With waves of cursing and echoes of “Amen,” we announced the defeat of the female Christ and her followers, and proclaimed the victory of our Lord Jesus, and those who follow Him.

During the two day meeting, each kidnapped coworker in turned denounced the errors of the EL doctrine, its immorality and corruption, despicable practices and the nonsense teaching of the female Christ. Everyone shared the grief and indignation he or she experienced during the confinement. Every word of theirs disclosed the ugliness of the female Christ, and every utterance exposed the evilness of the EL’s effort in employing all means for the destruction of the church of Christ.

As the meeting drew to an end, we started to sing a song which went like this, “With the love of the Lord, you have forgiven me; with the love of the Lord, I have accepted you. We understand and respect each other. Let our hearts be as broad as the blue sky and the vast ocean…” In the echoing of the singing, our core leaders walked among the coworkers. In tears they asked each other for forgiveness, and they shook hands to express their acceptance. All of a sudden, the Sprit of the Lord poured down into the meeting. He moved powerfully in everyone’s heart, touching, comforting and healing everyone. The voices of singing, repenting, praying and worshiping converged into a rolling river, washing the hearts of everyone there. It washed away all the suspicion, complaints, guilt, shame, weakness and weariness, and brought in comfort, healing, release, understanding and repentance. Once again the coworkers experienced God’s presence and the pouring down of His love; once again, they were filled with unprecedented joy and they poured out their heart-felt praises to God. The meeting was finished in a song, “Press on to fight the good fight.” The coworkers were renewed with fresh strength, and the Holy Spirit once again lit the fire of revival in the church.

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