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Full Report: Part 18        中文

Blessings Coming after the Curse

The EL cult’s deliberate attempt to wipe out CGF at one stroke finally ended up in utter failure. The occurring of the April 16 event revealed the foolishness of us as men. It exposed the deceit of Satan, but magnified God’s wisdom. God changed a negative situation into a positive one, so that we were able to receive blessings from what was meant to be a curse. This event has benefited us in many ways:

1. The government learned the distinctions between cults and genuine house churches.

2. The church around the world learned the harmfulness of the EL cult to the church.

3. CGF coworkers had an opportunity to learn the inside reality of the EL terrorist cult through personal experiences.

4. The faith and character of these coworkers were tested and proved.

5. Our coworkers were given the opportunity to examine the inadequacies of their ministries.

6. The coworkers learned a profound lesson in how to know and deal with cults.

7. All coworkers and their family members were able to fight a good spiritual fight.

8. The enemy’s bold attempt to destroy the church was greatly frustrated.

It’s so true that everything works together for the benefit of those who love the Lord. Now the various ministries of CGF are running on their right tracks. Among the 34 victims of the kidnapping, all but one (Xue Ming Xue from Shan Xi province, who failed for many reasons) had been able to hold fast to their faith, to stand firm, to resist the cult with one spirit and one mind, and to strengthen the church. Now our core leaders have engaged themselves in itinerant ministry in churches across the country, to strengthen the local coworkers in different regions and, together with them, to get prepared to face greater challenges.


At the end of our report here, we have a request for domestic and overseas fellow coworkers. Please continue to pray for us:

1. Please specifically pray for 4 coworkers who were poisoned during their confinement. They are still not recovered yet!

2. Please pray for one of the 34 kidnapped coworkers, Xue Ming Xue, who had accepted the EL teaching for various reasons. Up to now, we still haven’t had the opportunity yet to meet him and restore him back to sound faith in the Lord.

3. Please pray for the kidnapped coworkers and their family members for God’s shielding so that they don’t suffer the revenge of the EL members.

4. Please pray for us in CGF that we have the strength and wisdom to face the future ahead of us, and to guard ourselves against the trouble of the EL cult.


Special warning:

Here we especially ask all churches to watch out for the EL’s fake phone calls, letters, emails or statements in the name of CGF, for the purpose of creating rumors, or of attacking and deceiving overseas fellow coworkers. If these ever happen, please don’t just believe them. Please contact us first for confirmation so as not to be fooled. We sincerely urge everybody to make sure to guard yourself against the schemes of the EL cult.

China Gospel Fellowship
July 7, 2002

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