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The Latest:

The full text of Exposing Eastern Lightning by Zhang Da Kai from China Gospel Fellowship.

A comprehensive discussion of the doctrines and practices of the Eastern Lightning cult, written by a mainland house church theologian. Available in Chinese only.





The full text of Breaking Through the Barriers of Darkness: Recognizing the Cult of Qigong for What It Is by Hsiao Guang.

A comprehensive discussion of the cult of Qigong written by a house church leader who was once in this cult. Translated into English by Leanne Luo. (English)

The Hard Copy of the Book is available on Amazon.com. You can click here to buy this book: http://www.amazon.com/Breaking-Through-Barriers-Darkness-Recognizing/dp/1448630460/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1249523529&sr=8-1


News Releases:

July 27, 2002: Testimony of "younger Shen" (one of the core coworkers in China Gospel Fellowship) of his experience in confinement.      中文

Here is younger Shen's personal testimony of his experience with the Eastern Lightning during his 50 day's confinement in Shang Hai. To expose the scheme of the Eastern Lightning, he briefly introduces how the kidnapping happened and discloses the major stages of his experience. At the end of the testimony, he gives the Body of Christ 8 strategies regarding how to cope with the evil work of the Eastern Lightning cult. (English)    中文

July 31, 2002: Statement from Haggai Institute regarding the China Gospel Fellowship kidnapping by Eastern Lightning.      中文

A brief statement from Haggai Institute declaring their innocence in the kidnapping. (English)   中文

July 7, 2002: The full story! China Gospel Fellowship shares a comprehensive report of the kidnapping.      中文

This powerful and detailed report traces back to the very beginning of Eastern Lightning's planning and preparation that led directly to the April 16 kidnapping. The report exposes what happened to the leaders during their confinement. It also describes the rescue, the gradual release of the leaders, as well as how and when they were set free. The report then shares what happened after the release of the leaders, describing their strategic and heart-pouring work to restore the trust, confidence, unity and strength of their whole church family. This is very touching and encouraging. The wrong teaching and evil practices of the Eastern Lightning are once again exposed in this report, but in a more detailed way. This is China Gospel Fellowship's own report and gives great glory to God. (English)   中文

June 19, 2002: Good news! China Gospel Fellowship reports that all the leaders are now free!      中文

Here is China Gospel Fellowship's own report declaring that the bold attempt of the Eastern Lightning Cult to destroy this house church movement ended in failure. All the leaders are now free! (English)   中文

June 3, 2002: China Gospel Fellowship reports on the recent Eastern Lightning kidnapping.

On April 16, 34 top leaders from one of the largest house church movements in China were kidnapped by members of the Eastern Lightning cult. Here is China Gospel Fellowship's own report. (English)   中文


Reports on the Eastern Lightning Cult:

The Rules of the Eastern Lightning Cult      中文

The detailed spying and road-paving rules of the EL. They are very thorough in training their spies (who they call "evangelists"). There are five sections in this document: 1. The detailed rules for spying. 2. The detailed rules for road-paving. 3. How to introduce ("witness") the EL doctrine to common Christian denominations. 4. Appendix 1: Tips for success and warning for failure. 5. Appendix 2: A few necessary follow up steps after the introduction of the doctrine. (English - coming)   中文

Eastern Lightning Cult: A Calamity for the Nation of China      中文

This report, written by the top leaders of China Gospel Fellowship gives a brief introduction to the CGF kidnapping. The report notes that 5 leaders are still held captive by Eastern Lightning as of the first week of June. Then the report summarizes seven other cases of Eastern Lightning's deception and brutality. This is China Gospel Fellowship's own report. (English)   中文

The Development and Beliefs of the Eastern Lightning Cult

This is a brief introduction to the development and beliefs of the Eastern Lightning cult in China. We wish to expose its evil nature, and present its reality to the world. This report is written by the top leaders of China Gospel Fellowship. (English)

Beware! Satanism in China — the Eastern Lightning Cult

A thorough exposure of the false teaching, immorality and evil practices of Eastern Lightning, as well as a letter written by a man who was initially deceived by Eastern Lightning but later left and now exposes their inner practices. (English)     中文

A Cult Initiated by the Devil — the Eastern Lightning      

The testimony of a preacher from AnHui, who was deceived and served Eastern Lightning for a time, but then repented. He exposes the beguiling nature of Eastern Lightning. (English)     中文

Experiencing the Eastern Lightning Cult

An article written from a teaching that was given by a very experienced evangelist. The writer mentions many people from all over China who have suffered at the hands of Eastern Lightning in different ways. (English)     中文

The Characteristics of the Eastern Lightning Cult at Its Different Stages (or Phases) and Our Countermeasures      

This article introduces the 4 stages of the development of the cult and their different practices in each stage. It also mentions that the cult is moving into its next phase very quickly, but that is a phase yet unknown, so the author encourages the church to keep alert! (English)     中文

Eastern Lightning's Own Writings

We have included a few of their articles on our own site. Naturally we do not endorse these writings. They are heretical and bizarre. We include them here, however, as a primary source of reference. (English)


Information on the Chinese House Churches:

Statement of Faith      中文

Top leaders of a few major house church movements met together in North China in November, 1998, to pray together, to search the Scriptures, and to draft this confession of faith. (English)     中文

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