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Eastern Lightning's Own Writings:

Naturally we do not endorse these writings. They are heretical and bizarre. We include them here, however, as a primary source of reference.

About Lightning from the East

The New Era

Seven thunders clap — the Prophecy of the Gospel of the Kingdom will spread all over the world

"Messiah" riding "white cloud" has returned

When you see Jesus' body appears, it's already the time when God changed the heaven and the earth

He who is incompatible with Christ is definitely a person who resists God

Many are called but less are chosen

You should seek for the path to be compatible with Christ

Are you a real believer?

Christ does the work of judgement with the truth

Do you know God is doing a great thing among people?

Only Christ at the end of age can bring the path of life

Prepare enough good deeds for your permanent home

Who on earth are you loyal to?

Talking about the permanent home

Three pieces of warnings

The sins and transgressions can lead you to the hell

Eastern Lightning have their own website in the U.S. It is in both English and Chinese. More writings like the above can be found there. This is not for casual reading. These are the writings of demons. Please only read them if you have a specific reason for doing so.


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